3 Ways Your Senior Care Franchise Can Make A Difference in Your Area

3 Ways Your Senior Care Franchise Can Make A Difference in Your AreaWhen you are awarded your own senior care franchise, you are faced with a set of tremendous opportunities. For you, as a business owner, it’s a chance to realize the dreams you’ve always had to make a living with you as your own boss on your own terms. But franchise ownership in the senior care industry also represents an opportunity to make a difference and have a positive impact on your local community. Seniors deserve lives of dignity and agency, but they can’t do it all on their own, which is why every community pulls together to provide resources and assistance. As a provider of in-home care, you blend your business in with the fabric of your local area as yet another valuable resource.

Following are some of the ways you can make a difference in your community, not only for seniors who can benefit from the services you provide, but their families, friends and neighbors.

Get Involved!

This may seem like an obvious first step to connecting with the senior community, but ask yourself how much you’ve really done to become familiar with senior issues in your area. Like many senior care franchise owners, you bring your own experiences from your family and personal life, but have you tapped into the issues that affect older individuals in your specific region?

Seek out opportunities to engage with seniors and their families, attend community events that are of interest to retired folks and take the time to learn about the issues and developments that affect the community — especially when they concern the people who have lived there the longest. Join local groups on Facebook, and make sure your voice is heard as one that’s an advocate for seniors and their needs. Be sure to show your face in the real world and don’t be shy to tout the benefits of in-home senior care services!

3 Ways Your Senior Care Franchise Can Make A Difference in Your AreaGet to Know the People in Your Care

You are the person at the head of your franchise, which means that you have to wear many hats.

One of those hats is worn by the person who got into senior care because they want the best for seniors who wish to live happy, healthy and independent lives.

Your caregivers will work with seniors on a day-to-day basis, but it’s helpful for you to be able to know who your clients are, personally. Check in with your clients on a regular basis, and be sure to keep a running dialogue with their families so you can be “in the loop” when it comes to changes with their stories and situations. This is one of the key ways for you to show that you’re more than just a business owner — you’re also a local leader who cares!

Give Back

Your business has a mission that surely aligns with the visions set forth by local nonprofits and other organizations. You can support these organizations with your time, money and energy, which will show the community that you’re passionate about the same causes they care about.

You can also consider sponsoring community events and institutions, with a keen eye toward those events that are of particular interest to seniors.

Learn More

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