30 Questions to Ask Your Franchise Development Representative

The first step in franchising with Always Best Care is reaching out for more information to receive our free e-book. While you learn more about the growing home care franchise industry and explore the reasons you should franchise with Always Best Care, we will contact you to set up a time for you to chat with one of our franchise development representatives.

Your rep will be your initial guide to all things Always Best Care. This meeting will be a conversation, and we want to make sure you get all of your questions answered so you can make an educated franchising decision. Check out our list of questions you can ask your Always Best Care franchise development representative.

Brand Questions

  1. How long has Always Best Care been franchising?
  2. Do I need to have ownership experience before I franchise with Always Best Care?
  3. Why is Always Best Care a better brand than other home care franchise opportunities?

Industry Questions

  1. Do I need specific career experience to own a home care franchise?
  2. Are there any franchising resources you suggest I explore before I begin this process?
  3. Why should I invest in the senior care industry?
  4. What licenses will I need to start a senior care franchise?
  5. Will you help me get the licenses I need to operate a home care franchise?
  6. How should I start preparing to own a home care franchise right now?
  7. What personality traits do I need to be a successful home care franchise owner?

Territory Questions

  1. Is my territory available for an Always Best Care franchise?
  2. What resources will I have access to for marketing in my local territory?
  3. Does Always Best Care have multi-unit franchise opportunities available?

Financial Questions

  1. What will my initial investment be?
  2. What does my initial investment include?
  3. Historically, how long does it take for Always Best Care franchisees to break even?

Support Questions

  1. What will I learn during training?
  2. How long will training be?
  3. Does training take place in-person or online?
  4. What will the early stages of launching my Always Best Care look like?
  5. Can franchisees easily contact corporate for assistance or advice?
  6. How often do Always Best Care franchisees communicate directly with the corporate office?

 Operations Questions

  1. How long will it take for me to get my home care franchise up and running?
  2. What do franchisees wish they knew on Day One of opening their business?
  3. Does Always Best Care have specific software and technology systems to help me run my senior care franchise?
  4. What is the most vital part of the Always Best Care franchise system?
  5. Can you break down the three different revenue streams?
  6. What key performance indicators will I be expected to meet?
  7. What does success for an Always Best Care franchisee look like?

Next Steps

  1. Can you walk me through the next steps in the franchising process?


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