A Look at the Senior Care Industry

As you consider investing in your very own Always Best Care franchise, we encourage you to take a look at the entire, fast-growing senior care industry. We’re excited about where our industry is going, and we hope you in our enthusiasm.

There are millions of seniors who need a little extra help living their lives with dignity and respect. Always Best Care franchises — and our dedicated franchisees — are well-suited to provide that support. Check out some information about the senior care industry that will help you make the right decision to franchise with Always Best Care.

47 Million People in the United States are 65 or Older

This is the group that will need the types of services Always Best Care offers. This expanding demographic provides an excellent opportunity for our franchisees to build their home care businesses by utilizing Always Best Care’s diverse revenue streams, especially assisted living referrals. The market for Always Best Care already exists in your community. Your local seniors are just waiting for you to bring an Always Best Care franchise to your city or town.

By 2030, Seniors are Expected to be 20% of Population

A franchise investment requires you to not only consider how the senior care industry looks now, but also how it will look in the future. According to experts, including the Unites States Census Bureau, seniors over the age of 65 will soon comprise 20% of the total United States population. This means our franchisees’ businesses will continue to have the potential to capitalize on a growing market.

Seniors want to live their lives with dignity no matter their age. And even as lifespans continue to increase thanks to technology and medical advancements, our franchisees are able to provide compassionate care for their clients as the senior care industry grows.

Approximately 80% of Seniors Have at Least One Chronic Health Condition

Additionally, about 77% have at least two separate chronic conditions. That’s where Always Best Care services can help. Our caring professionals provide the compassionate, non-medical support our clients need to help them cope with chronic conditions like dementia, diabetes and arthritis.

With medical interventions helping Americans with chronic conditions live longer, seniors will continue to need the help Always Best Care provides, which exemplifies the positive outlook for the senior care industry and our Always Best Care franchisees.

With a large and expanding market, now is the time to enter the senior care industry by franchising with Always Best Care. Our franchisees empower their caregivers to provide seniors with the compassionate care they need and deserve. If you are ready to join Always Best Care in this growing and critically important industry, please reach out for more information about this senior care franchise opportunity.


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