Absentee Owner Franchise: Why You Should Consider Home Care

You may think that to own a business, you need to be working at it every day. But there’s a slight twist. Depending on the type of business you own, you may not need to be involved in the day-to-day activities. In franchising especially, there are many opportunities that require varying levels of owner commitment. If you’re someone who wants to be all-in every day – that’s great! However, if you’re looking for an opportunity that allows for semi-absentee or full absentee ownership, franchising has a lot of what you’re looking for, especially in the home care industry.

An absentee franchise gives you flexibility and freedom while allowing you to use your entrepreneurial and management skills. Learn how you can get started.



They sound similar, so what’s the real difference? A semi-absentee franchise is one that is primarily manager-run. As the owner, you would need to check in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly and troubleshoot any issues, but your staff would handle daily operations. An absentee franchise is completely hands-off to you. This is more of a passive income opportunity that allows you the time to continue working at a full-time job or pursue other investment ventures. No business can run completely on auto-pilot, so you may need to put a few hours in every now and again, but these types of businesses are designed to be low maintenance.



According to Entrepreneur magazine, some of the best semi-absentee franchises to own are actually in the field of cleaning services. Residential and commercial cleaning franchise opportunities have seen an increase in demand over the last couple of years. Given the heightened attention to hygiene and cleanliness, it’s no wonder these types of franchises have continued to thrive.

But maybe you know that an absentee franchise is the right option for you, instead of semi-absentee involvement. Now, what opportunities are out there? Turns out some of the best absentee owner franchises are actually in the personal wellness and beauty industries. In a recent Forbes article, gym, tanning, and salon franchises were included as viable options for entrepreneurs seeking an absentee ownership opportunity.

However, there is another industry that’s perfect for entrepreneurs looking to invest in an absentee owner franchise: home care. Running a non-medical home care franchise is a great way to start or diversify your portfolio without creating a lot more work for yourself.

Since home care is a service-based industry, investment costs tend to be more affordable. Caregivers go directly to customers’ homes, so a large facility to run the franchise isn’t required. Most home care franchise opportunities don’t even require you to have a medical background or previous experience in the industry.



Since 1996, Always Best Care has been delivering high-quality home care. We’ve become one of the most trusted providers in the country and take pride in the services we provide our customers and the opportunity we offer our franchisees.

Named in Franchise Business Review as one of the top low-cost franchises, initial investment costs to open an Always Best Care range between $74,725 and $125,400. This does also include our franchise fee of $49,900. Franchise candidates need to have a net worth of $200,000 and at least $100,000 in liquid cash.

What makes Always Best Care the best home care franchise to invest in is our franchisee training and the support we give our owners. We make sure our franchisees have classroom and field training to ensure our teams are providing the best care possible.

Our brand has been recognized multiple times by reputable publications such as Franchise Times, Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct, and even Inc. Magazine.

Join a franchise with a proven business model that’s ideal for absentee ownership. To learn more about our franchise opportunity, download our free e-book, and one of our representatives will be in touch.


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