Corporate Culture and Running a Home Care Franchise: Important Takeaways

As a home care franchisee, you know that your home care staff plays a large part in your success. In fact, it’s been reported that up to 85 percent of a company’s assets are now intangible. These intangible company assets include human knowledge and talent, so you’ll want to nurture and develop your employees in any way you can. You also want to motivate your employees to improve and recognize their efforts to retain your top performers.

Two-thirds of employees surveyed said they believed corporate culture is very important to the success of their organizations, as well as one of the largest influences on morale and productivity. When you decided to start your own home care business, you were probably careful to determine if the franchise fit with your own personality and business goals. Hopefully when you staffed your business, you selected employees who meshed with these values, as well. But how do you continue to promote and improve your franchise’s corporate culture?

While it’s true that initially your franchise’s culture will take many elements from that of the franchise itself, your particular franchise will change and evolve over time. To ensure that your franchise remains a great place for you and your employees to work, you will want to build a strong corporate identity. While owning a home care franchise differs from working in the corporate world, you may be able to take away some valuable pointers from other organization’s corporate culture.

Focus on building strong trust relationships and hold your employees to high standards of accountability. Train and develop employee skills, and also work on developing open lines of clear communication between staff members. Utilize resources and tools effectively, and stay on top of industry innovations. Emphasize recruiting and retaining outstanding employees, and look into implementing employee reward and incentive programs, such as “Employee of the Month” and “Outstanding Customer Service” awards. By cultivating corporate culture in your home care franchise, you can maintain one of your businesses’ most valuable assets: your employees.

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