Find Your Unique Advantage: Employee Retention at Your Home Care Franchise

We often think about the hiring process as the employee selling his or her skills to the employer. But because of the nature of the home care business, the single biggest barrier to growth in the first three to five years will be the ability of your business to attract and retain the best staff possible. Your home care staff is vital to your franchise, and you want to offer a high quality product to your clients. The key to your success is finding and keeping the best people to work for you. How can you accomplish this task, when recruiting and retention can be such a challenge? Why would someone want to work for your in-home care franchise instead of all of your competitors’ agencies? Creating a competitive recruiting advantage is just as important as creating a competitive marketing advantage. Examine your business to see if it possesses one of five qualities employees are seeking:

Meaningful Work 

Home care can be a very rewarding profession. Prospective employees want to work for a company they can be proud of while feeling that their work makes a difference in other people’s lives.

Opportunity for Advancement 

Most employees want an opportunity to learn new skills and grow within their profession. Some wish to move into positions which involve more responsibilities and challenges. Does your company promote personal and professional growth?

Work Relationships 

The average person spends 2,000 working hours per year. They want to work with people who like them, and they want to like the people with whom they work. Is your company an enjoyable place to work? Do your employees get along well?

Appreciation and Recognition 

No one likes to feel like their work goes unnoticed. Do your employees feel appreciated? Are there incentives for good performance?


Someone who is just working for the sake of making a paycheck is not likely to be supporting your marketing strategy or your franchise’s mission. However, it’s important that your employees feel they are being fairly compensated for their work and are earning competitive wages.

Once you’ve found which of these aspects embodies your unique recruiting advantage, be sure to focus on it when you’re hiring to staff your business. Create a message that is exciting and interesting, and which makes people want to work for you.

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