Hiring Staff for Your Home Care Business

Hiring for your home care business can be challenging. Keep in mind that, at first, you will have to wear many hats, but ultimately your home care franchise will need several employees to keep things running smoothly. Non-medical home care franchises require experienced employees. In the beginning, you as the owner will most likely function in every role, but eventually, especially in a larger home care franchise, you will need to hire a Care Coordinator to oversee all of the franchise’s clients.

The Owner

The Owner is responsible for the majority of decisions in regards to how the business is run. It is often said that a business is not a democracy. The owner must possess true leadership qualities and be able to make strategic decisions which will grow the franchise.

The Care Coordinator

Initially the Owner will function as the Care Coordinator but as the franchise grows in terms of the number of Seniors that receive care a Care Coordinator will need to be hired. You will need a Care Coordinator that pays attention to detail and one that possesses strong logistic skills. A good Care Coordinator ensures that the daily operations of your Franchise are profitable and efficient.

The Sales Rep

The Franchise Sales Rep is responsible for creating the marketing plan and evaluating the success of those plans. The Sales Rep must have a dynamic personality that prospective customers are drawn to. The ability to seek out and find key opportunities before your competitors find them is also a critical skill. This position is the key to your company’s growth.

Your home care business depends on its top tier team members to make smart decisions on a daily basis. In order to grow your franchise you must hire individuals with the same passion and drive for helping seniors stay in their own home.

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