4 Reasons to Buy a Home Care Business for Sale

Right now is the perfect time to buy a home care business for sale. Whether you’re purchasing a new home care franchise location or looking for an established home care business for sale, few businesses currently offer the level of opportunity and growth potential of the American home care market.

Nobody understands this more deeply than the team at Always Best Care. As one of the fastest growing franchise brands in the home care sector, we have first-hand experience with the short-term and long-term rewards of buying a home care business. So, if you’re wondering whether to buy a home care business for sale, here are four reasons why now is the right time to invest in the home care market.

Why Buy a Home Care Business for Sale?

Fast-Growing Market. Thanks to the rapid growth of America’s senior population, now is a great time to buy a home care business for sale. The number of American seniors is expected to grow by roughly 75% between now and 2040, while the number of adults over the age of 85 will increase by nearly 150% in that period. Whether you’re purchasing an established business or joining a franchise network, the home care sector offers an established market with extraordinary growth potential.

Recession-Resistant Business. The 2008 recession proved hugely damaging to the U.S. economy, affecting businesses across a wide range of industries. This event underlined the value of a recession-resistant business model, which is precisely what you’ll find with a home care business for sale. The need for high-quality home care is urgent for many seniors, taking precedence over other, less essential goods and services. Moreover, 75% of U.S. wealth belongs to adults over the age of 65, with much of this wealth shielded from the risks of a financial downturn.

Low Initial Costs. If you’re purchasing an established home care business for sale, the costs of purchasing your business will be tied to the value of the business in question. A larger agency could require a seven-figure investment, while a smaller agency could cost significantly less. Yet, if you’re buying a new home care franchise, you’re more or less guaranteed an affordable price tag. At Always Best Care, our franchise fee is less than $50K, and the overall cost of starting a new franchise is often less than $100K. These costs are miniscule compared to the initial costs of franchise opportunities in other sectors.

Rewarding Work. One of the great things about the home care industry is how rewarding it is on both a professional and personal level. The strong demand and growth potential of the home care market make buying a home care business for sale an incredibly lucrative opportunity. In addition to the financial rewards of purchasing a home care business, there’s also the emotional reward of helping those in need. Home care makes a tremendous impact on the lives of seniors and disabled individuals, allowing care recipients to reclaim dignity and quality of life. All of your hard work will be reflected not only in your bottom line but in the day-to-day lives of your clientele.

Looking for a great home care business for sale? An Always Best Care franchise could be the perfect fit for your needs. Call 855-430-2273 today for more information about our franchise opportunities, or download our free e-book to learn more about our franchise system.


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