Home Care Businesses Offer Peace of Mind for Long Distance Relatives

Your senior care franchise can provide a valuable service to families with elderly relatives who live in a different city or state. Nearly seven million caregivers reported living an hour’s drive or more away from the loved one for whom they are responsible. Some of these long-distance caregivers are concerned with how to increase their participation in the lives of their loved ones, while still allowing them to remain in their homes. Often, long-distance caregivers rely on the telephone for the majority of communication, but sometimes a weekly telephone conversation is not enough. Visits from your home care franchise employees can often be a long-distance caregiver’s first line of defense against possible problems. A home aide can assist with basic functions like housekeeping and hygiene and also notice changes in the client that could indicate deeper medical problems.

Your home business staff can provide eyes and ears to long distance caregivers, and your company can provide a valuable tool for keeping your client safe and happy in his or her own home. A non-medical home aide can keep a care log for the client’s long distance relatives and keep them up to date with their loved one’s general state of and happiness. More elderly patients wish to retain their independence as late into life as possible, and their families are often concerned whether or not remaining at home is the best option. Be sure to let your clients and referrers know that your home care staff is trained to provide services to your clients and their long-distance loved ones.

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