How Always Best Care Franchisees Demonstrate Our Vision

Like many Always Best Care franchisees, our founder Michael Newman was frustrated with the lack of resources for seniors in his community. That’s why, in 1996, Michael formed Always Best Care, to fill the gaps in senior care that he had seen throughout his career working in assisted living communities.

A passion for educating families was the basis for Michael’s mission and has informed our vision ever since: to create a company that serve seniors in the community by providing trusted care, compassionate support and professional advice. Read on to discover how Always Best Care franchisees are living up to our vision every single day.

Serving Seniors

As people age, care and support with day-to-day activities becomes more essential, especially for those who want to stay in their own homes. That’s why the senior care industry is thriving. Families are looking for resources that will allow them to focus on loving their senior family members without single-handedly shouldering the responsibility of care. Always Best Care serves seniors by helping them to stay in their homes with dignity.

Providing Trusted Care

Always Best Care franchisees take every precaution to make sure each of our patients gets the compassionate, professional care they deserve. Before a franchisee makes an offer to a caregiver, we look closely at their previous experience, conduct an in-depth interview and run a background check. We know that our patients and their loved ones are trusting Always Best Care, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Compassionate Support

We know that it can be hard for patients and their families to admit that it’s time for additional care services. That’s why it’s important for Always Best Care franchisees to be compassionate shoulders to lean on during a difficult, transitional time. With our more than 20 years in the senior care industry, Always Best Care can prepare all of our franchisees during training to provide the meaningful support their clients need.

Professional Advice

In addition to providing trusted care to our patients, Always Best Care franchises also give professional advice. For families wondering if it’s time to make the switch from in-home care to an assisted facility, Always Best Care franchisees can help them weigh their options and find the facility that is the right choice for their loved one. Even for our in-home clients, franchisees create detailed care plans that offer advice and a roadmap for ongoing support.

Our brand started with a mission to educate families on their care and assisted living options. That mission has informed our overall vision: to create a company that serve seniors in the community by providing trusted care, compassionate support and professional advice. We have the training systems, support and brand legacy that will allow you to build your own business serving seniors. If you want to make a difference for seniors in your community, explore franchising with Always Best Care.


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