How Always Best Care Trains and Supports Our Franchisees

A franchise system is only as strong as the training and support provided to its franchisees. And when it comes to training and support, Always Best Care is proud to be one of the strongest franchises available. Read on to find out how Always Best Care will prepare you to run your senior care franchise and support you through every step of business ownership.

Initial Training

From the moment you become an Always Best Care franchisee, you’ll gain comprehensive training on every aspect of running your business. Our team will take you through the industry-specific information, the Always Best Care system and everything else you need to know through three full phases of training.


Before you even arrive at our headquarters, you’ll receive pre-training on how the senior care industry functions and where Always Best Care is positioned within this growing field. Pre-training gives you the opportunity to understand how the senior care industry has evolved so you can envision your future.

Classroom Training

Once you’re had a chance to examine our pre-training materials, you’ll come to our headquarters in Roseville, CA, to receive classroom training directly from our corporate team. Please note, under our current COVID conditions, we may be required to use a virtual training platform. You’ll even have the opportunity to hear directly from other Always Best Care franchisees to learn what they’ve found effective for their businesses.

In the Field Training

As an additional bonus to your training regimen, you’ll get out into the field with our franchising experts and meet the healthcare professionals in your area, start building those business relationships and get a real feel for how your franchise can benefit your community. You’ll also learn how to recruit and train the caregivers who will help keep your franchise functioning.

Ongoing Support

No one expects you to be an expert on day one. That’s why we provide continuous ongoing support to help you start your franchise on the right foot and keep it there for the long run. Our support includes immediate answers to all your questions and so much more.

Area Representatives & National Directors

Wherever your franchise is located, you’ll have a dedicated area representative or national director who will help you master your market. They’ll provide on-the-spot coaching and advice to ensure you’re prepared for any issue that might arise.

Licensing Support

Different markets have different requirements when it comes to licensing and regulation compliance. We’ll help walk you through the entire process from determining your needs to filing the proper paperwork so you can rest assured that your business is following all the rules.

Customized Financial Benchmarks

Setting attainable goals and working to achieve them is critical to making any business thrive. Our team will work with you to create financial benchmarks relevant to your franchise. They’ll give you a roadmap to follow as you make your franchise the best it can be.

Marketing Support

All businesses need marketing, and franchises have the advantage of an entire system of professionals behind their marketing efforts. With Always Best Care, you’ll have total marketing support, including plans, campaigns and materials, so you can get your name out there and corner the market in your territory.

Inspiring Webinars

When you need a refresher, or when new ideas come through the franchise network, webinars will give you a quick way to stay on top of the latest happenings at Always Best Care. We put out webinars on a regular basis, giving you a constant supply of information and inspiration.

We’re Here When You Need Us

From your initial training through the support system we deliver to you, Always Best Care is here to make your franchise journey as simple and valuable as we can. When you’re ready to see for yourself what our training looks like, and how supportive our entire franchise development team can be, just get in touch with us. It all starts with you.

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