Small Home Care Market, Big Home Care Franchise Opportunity

Always Best Care franchise owners have found success across the United States, and most recently in Canada. While some franchisees choose to start their business in large markets, others opt to make an impact in smaller communities. In fact, some franchise owners prefer smaller markets over larger ones. So why do franchise owners in smaller markets enjoy as much success as those in larger, more populated cities?

Connection to Community – Always Best Care is a business that is very much community based, and as such our franchise owners can make an impact and enjoy success in smaller markets. This is especially true for those who grew up in a small community as they will already be well-connected, making it easy for their business to become a trusted resource in their community.

Low Cost Marketing – One of the most critical aspects of running a successful business is getting new customers. Because you live in a small community, you already have an established reputation and network within your community. Similarly, Always Best Care already has a recognized brand name in the senior care industry.  When you combine the two you have a recipe for success starting from day 1 of opening your franchise.

Low Cost Recruiting – In order to successfully run an Always Best Care Franchise, you need to recruit the best senior caregivers for your clients. These employees won’t show up at your door – you will have to do some leg work to find the best caregivers for your business. Traditionally this is accomplished through recruiting efforts, such as placing ads online or in the paper.  In smaller markets this task can be easier and more cost effective, as you may already know the best candidates for these extremely important positions, saving your time and money.

To begin the process of making an impact in your community, take a moment to read our FREE franchising eBook today to learn more about opportunities available with Always Best Care Senior Services.


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


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