Reasons to Start a Home Care Franchise

Are you looking for reasons to start a home care franchise? If so, you won’t have to look very far. In your own community, and in cities and towns across America, home care franchises are busier than ever!

The rising population of adults 65+ translates into a tremendous business opportunity because seniors increasingly want to stay in their homes rather than relocating to assisted living facilities. Aging in place allows them to preserve their sense of independence and dignity while they recover from illness or injury, face limited mobility, memory loss, or simply need help coping with the effects of aging.

3 Reasons to Start a Home Care Franchise

What follows are three key reasons to start a home care franchise right now.

Reason #1: You Will Enjoy Unlimited Growth Potential

Of all the reasons to start a home care franchise, the growth of America’s senior population is the most compelling. By 2040, the population growth of those age 65 and over will outpace all other age groups. One estimate suggests those age 80+ will rise by 233% worldwide.

By opening a home care franchise now, you will be riding a wave promising incredible potential for business growth. Research shows that the vast majority of people prefer to age in their homes rather than in a nursing home. Seniors with health or mobility challenges want to stay in familiar surroundings near loved ones. Research shows they feel better and improve faster after hospital and rehabilitation stays when they recover at home.

Reason #2: You Will Make a Positive Impact on the World

Looking for more reasons to start a home care franchise? This one hits at the heart. For every client you serve, you have the opportunity to improve someone’s health and happiness. The one-on-one assistance provided by your home care franchise may be all in a day’s work for you, but for your clients, it means so much more. A caring hand, a smile, a compassionate conversation – seniors appreciate this, and their families and loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that their parents and grandparents are receiving the proper care they require every day.

Your home care franchise may provide everything from basic companionship and medication reminders to cooking and housekeeping help to skilled medical assistance and hospice care. In doing so, not only will you make a positive difference in the lives of your clients, you will be helping your community by providing a source of employment for both skilled and non-skilled home health professionals.

Reason #3: You Will Have the Competitive Advantage of a Proven Business Model

Need more reasons to start a home care franchise? This one appeals to your rational, productive side. It’s simply this: Starting a business from scratch can be an uphill battle. Having to build a business from the ground up means having to learn the ins and outs of local, state and federal regulations, building brand awareness, creating compelling marketing and advertising pieces, hiring, choosing software, generating leads, and so much more.

Instead, joining an existing franchise operation gives you the freedom to spread your entrepreneurial wings while benefitting from established resources. With an at home care franchise, there is:

  • No need to figure out all the details. The franchisor has already figured out what works and what doesn’t, and through trial and error knows the best way to get things done.
  • Ongoing support. With training, established marketing, management expertise, operations assistance, and proprietary software, you’ll have a head start to success.
  • Instant name recognition. You’ll benefit from a broadly promoted brand with an established, respected reputation.

Learn about all the reasons to start an at home care franchise with Always Best Care. Just call 855-430-2273 or email [email protected] and discover how we can make your franchise dreams come true.


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