Study Shows Canadians Prefer Aging at Home

There is great news for entrepreneurs living in Canada who may be interested in starting a home care business – A new national poll conducted by Nanos for the Canadian Nurses Associated has found that nearly 75% of all Canadians believe that it is important to spend time aging at home with the benefit of home-based care (SOURCE: Canadian Nurses Association).

According to CNA president Karima Velji, home care not only has positive effects for the health of Canada’s senior population, it also helps take pressure off of care facilities in the country, which are overcrowded. Much of this overcrowding is due to the fact that on any given day in Canada, 7,500 hospital beds are occupied by patients who are cleared for hospital discharge, but are not able to access the next level of care that they need.

This presents an incredible opportunity for hard-working, driven individuals looking to open a home care business in Canada. By providing home care through Always Best Care in your province, you will be making a positive impact on the senior community, as well as on Canada’s health system.

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