Success and Growth: A Meaningful Franchise Opportunity in Your Community

Over the last 60 years, the landscape of the franchise world has grown and evolved to an incredible degree. From franchises offering pressure-washing services and lawn care services to those offering tax services and even dog walking services, it’s safe to say that if you have a need, there’s a franchise nearby that can fill that need for you.

Of all the different franchise models, one in particular is growing at an astronomical rate:  The senior care franchise industry. There were only 13 home care franchise brands in the year 2000, and that number has grown to 56 in-home care companies in 2014, according to industry research firm FRANdata.

According to a 2012 Bureau of Statistics report, the home care industry is the fastest growing industry in the entire United States. What’s more, demand for in-home care services will only increase, as the proportion of our population over the age of 90 is still widening.

In fact, between now and 2050 the percentage of seniors (65 and older) will continue to grow while all other segments will decline (Source: Pew Research Center). Because 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, there is an enormous opportunity for high-energy men and women to have success operating a non-medical home care franchise.

Because in-home care franchises require lower investments, have the potential to generate high revenue, and cater to a growing demographic, the home care franchise industry is a very popular one. Franchise owners also typically have the benefit of utilizing a powerful combination of corporate and field representatives who are invested in franchise owner success, as well as marketing and training solutions to help get their businesses started off on the right foot.

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