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One of the many factors that make a franchise organization successful is how effective that organization’s support and marketing initiatives are. At Always Best Care, our franchise owners have access to award-winning, turn-key marketing solutions that help their business blossom into a successful staple in their local community.

From 2010 to 2013 our passionate franchise owners’ collective revenue jumped from $9.557 million to over $66 million (Source: 2009-2014 Franchise Disclosure Documents) – a statistic that we’re proud attribute to hard work and customized care for senior citizens around the nation.

The senior population continues to grow each year. In fact, by 2050 nearly 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 (Source: Pew Research Center), giving hardworking men and women an opportunity for success in a recession-proof market.

Whether you have a background in nursing care, real estate, pharmaceuticals or any other line of work, you too can succeed in the home care industry, with the help of Always Best Care’s award-winning support and marketing programs.

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Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

Exercise for Clients of a Home Care Franchise

An important element of overall health is regular exercise, the benefits of which extend well beyond physical health. Exercise is also vital to mental and emotional health, releasing a host of chemicals in the brain that improve mood and keep us mentally sharp.

Many seniors are nervous about exercising, out of fear of falling or otherwise injuring themselves. Some may have a heart or other condition that requires that they not over-exert themselves. The reality, however, is that not exercising is probably the greater threat to health, especially for older adults. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, exercise improves muscle tone, balance and coordination, all essential in fall prevention.

Non-medical in-home care caregivers can play an important role in ensuring that seniors get healthy amounts of exercise by exercising with clients or monitoring clients during activity. Here are some examples:

Swimming/Aquatic Exercise — Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise for seniors. If swimming is too difficult, stationary aquatic exercises are a good alternative. In-home care assistants can exercise with seniors in the pool or accompany seniors to classes.

Walking — Whether a gentle stroll, or a brisk stride, walking is excellent exercise that gets the heart pumping and improves core strength and muscle tone.

Chair Exercises — For folks who can’t walk or who have difficulty walking, chair exercises with or without a light pair of weights are an excellent alternative.

Exercise is an important part of overall health and longevity. assistant professional caregiver can help seniors maintain an exercise regimen, and stay healthy and happy at home.

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Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.