Report: The Senior Care Business Is Booming!

Report: The Senior-Care Business Is Booming!If you’ve been paying attention to trends in franchising and in the senior care sector, you’ve surely heard that in-home senior care franchises are thriving. There’s a lot of hype surrounding our industry today, which has a lot of people excited for good reason. But for others, all of the publicity — even the good news — is cause for increased skepticism.

Can the senior care industry really be doing that well? Is it possible that senior care is going to continue to grow at a terrific rate? Is there actually reason to believe the hype around in-home senior care?

If you’re not sure if senior care is the right industry for you to move into the next phase of your career, it’s okay to be skeptical about all of the amazing stories you might be hearing. In most cases, it’s a good idea to be wary of the hype, especially when it comes to an investment of your time, money and professional skills. But more and more, the hype surrounding senior care is justified.

In fact, a new report sheds some light on many of the reasons why senior care continues to be a booming industry and one that will likely reward franchise owners in the months, years and decades to come.

Let’s take a look!

The Demographics Tell a Big Story

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published a report on the future of senior care that should be great news for those of you who are about to enter the industry as in-home care franchise owners. Compiled and written by entrepreneurship expert Ruth Simon, the report gets into the many reasons why senior care is so hot right now — and will continue to carry heat into the future.

Demographics tell almost the whole story. People are simply living longer than ever before in history, and those who have reached retirement age are healthier and better equipped to handle life than their counterparts from previous generations. And right now, the portion of the population that’s 65 or older is about 15% of the total. By 2060, seniors will account for nearly 24% of the total U.S. population

As a result, senior home care businesses have grown 6.6% annually. Compare that number to the growth rate of non senior home care franchises, which is less than half at 2.6%

Report: The Senior-Care Business Is Booming!Why Franchises Work

There are a lot of different ways to take care of seniors and cater to their specific needs, but franchises are emerging as the dominant model in the in-home care industry. Sure, there are startups out there that are occupying small spaces in the industry, but franchises represent the wave of the future.


With franchise ownership, people can run their businesses with the help of experts and proven systems. Franchisors take care of training and cutting through much of the red tape that would otherwise prevent business owners from moving forward. They also work hard to establish trusted brand names in communities, which is a boon for business owners who don’t want to start from scratch. This is also key for seniors and their families, many of whom don’t understand the industry and are unsure about whom they can trust.

When you look at the combination of demographics and the benefits of franchise ownership, it’s easy to see that senior care franchising will continue to offer a terrific opportunity for business people in the near — and far — future!

Franchise With Always Best Care

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

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5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective Entrepreneur

5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective EntrepreneurBecoming an effective franchise owner requires an investment of money, time and hard work. Another key piece to the puzzle of franchise ownership is developing the proper mindset. When you own and operate a senior care franchise, you need to be able to keep your mind on your goals, even when you’re being pulled in countless different directions.

If you are interested in franchise ownership within the senior care sector, but you’re not sure if you have the right mindset to be effective, here are five terrific tips to help you get your mind on track!

#1 — Always Be Seeking Opportunities

For many franchise owners, there is a specific time and place for seeking opportunities, whether it’s during networking events or on days set aside for online research and interactions. But to make an impact with a franchise, it’s necessary to develop the ability and mindset to seek opportunity at all times.

For example, let’s say you’re getting your morning coffee and you overhear a group of people talking about senior issues in the corner of the coffee shop. Your instinct might be to get your morning Joe and head out the door, but the entrepreneurial mindset would direct you over to their table where you could introduce yourself and let the party know that you are also involved with senior issues. Chances are, you’ll make an impact and a few connections!

#2 — Become Comfortable with Risk

Your instincts might tell you that an opportunity is just too risky to pursue. While your instinct might be right, it’s good to challenge it. Ask yourself whether the opportunity truly is too risky, or whether your instincts are guiding you out of fear. You aren’t going to operate effectively without taking some risks, so getting comfortable here is key.

5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective Entrepreneur#3 — Become More Flexible

As a busy person with a tight schedule and a lot of hats to wear, a rigidly organized day may seem like the best way to keep everything in your life and work in balance. But you can’t always plan everything and expect the world to cooperate every step of the way. Challenges will arise, emergencies will need to be dealt with and your day can turn upside down in a second.

The more flexible you can be, the more able you will be to whether those challenges and changes. You can keep your structure, but learning to be more flexible within it will give you an edge.

#4 — Take the Initiative

Many franchise owners come from industries where they were given orders, or had to wait to be told what to do. Franchise ownership requires you to follow direction from the corporate level, but you also have to be willing and able to take action on your own, when needed. Meeting your challenges head on can be frightening, but with practice, you can develop a mindset that makes it easy!

#5 — Keep One Eye on the Future

Operating in the here and now is crucial for your franchise, but you also have to be able to see what’s just around the corner. Keep one eye on the moment in front of you, but be sure to keep the other on the future so you can plan effectively.

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


What Kind of Leader Are You For Your Franchise?

What Kind of Leader Are You For Your Franchise?Leadership is a special commodity; one that some people are born with, while others have to work to cultivate it. Some people are skilled at making deals and seeing real opportunity, but they struggle with leading teams of people in pursuit of a common goal. Others have natural leadership abilities, but they don’t know how to harness and leverage them properly. Still, there are franchise owners out there who possess strong leadership skills, but they may possess a style of leadership that doesn’t work well with their specific organizations and the needs of their people.

As a senior care franchise owner, you are the person your people will turn to for leadership, whether you consider yourself a good leader or not! The good news is that every single person can be a good leader if they can be self aware and understand their strengths.

So how can you understand, harness, cultivate and drive your instincts as a leader for your franchise?

Understand the Different Types of Leadership

Different people have different ideas about the styles of leadership that people can employ, but author, psychologist and leadership expert Daniel Goleman has determined that there are six major leadership styles:

The Coercive Leadership style demands immediate compliance, and works wonders during times of crisis. But it’s not the healthiest style to employ under normal circumstances.

The Authoritative Leadership style is a “classic” way of leading people and mobilizing a team to focus on a common goal. However, this style can sometimes get in the way when a team of experts is already running on all cylinders.

The Affiliative Leadership style values empathy and communication, and it’s great at bringing people together. On the downside, this style can ignore poor performance, leaving it uncorrected.

The Democratic Leadership style builds consensus and participation, but can get in the way when quick, decisive action must be taken

The Pacesetting Leadership style works extremely well when quick results must be achieved. But it often relies on leaders taking over for employees, which can erode trust within an organization.

The Coaching Leadership style works wonders when it comes to building individuals up and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals, but it can fall short during times when leaders lack the expertise to truly inspire others with their ideas.

What Kind of Leader Are You For Your Franchise?What Style Resonates with You?

There is no one style that’s better than the others; it’s all about using the right style for the right situation. But before you can tap in and employ the ideal style at the right time, you need to develop your self awareness so you understand which style comes naturally to you. Once you are aware of your own tendencies, you can change your style, as needed.

For example, maybe you see yourself as a Coaching Leader. You see peoples’ hidden talents and you want to help nurture them along so they can realize their true potential. This is great, and it can really help your franchise! But during times when your business is on the line and there’s no time for nurturing, this style will actually hurt your ability to lead effectively.

Are you curious to learn more about the various leadership styles (and how you can leverage them effectively)? Stay tuned to our next post, which will explore the styles in greater detail!

More Information

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Social Media Power

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Social Media PowerSocial media is increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool for franchise owners in the senior care industry, and it’s the people who take the initiative to spearhead their own campaigns that stand to see the best results.

If you are a senior care franchise owner, or are considering becoming one, it’s important that you take advantage of all the social media marketing tools provided to you by the corporate office. But it might be even more important for you to dive into social media marketing yourself.

Why Social Media?

If using social media as a marketing tool doesn’t seem like a good use of your time and energy, consider this:

Social media platforms allow you to connect with real people in real time
The use of social media gives you the chance to be topical and relate aspects of your business to things that are going on in the world right now
Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media platforms make it possible for you to generate interest and “buzz” much faster than other types of media
Social media can connect you with the right people to help your business grow on the local level, which is where the rubber hits the road for your business

There are numerous reasons for you to use social media to help you grow your in home senior care business, so how can you make sure that you’re using it efficiently and effectively?

Let’s take a look!

5 Social Media Tactics Senior Care Franchise Owners Can Use Right Now!

#1 — Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter is loaded with features that not everyone knows about. One of these features is the ability to run polls. It’s a great way to engage your audience and get a sense of what’s on their minds.

#2 — Start Using Great Imagery

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Social Media PowerPosts on social media platforms perform much, much better when they’re accompanied by an image of some kind. You don’t have to be a great artist or photographer to make an impact; but if you can show, for example, some smiling senior faces, you’re likely to increase engagement and positive feelings about your business!

#3 — Integrate Video

Video content rules the web these days, so make sure you take advantage of the public’s hunger for moving pictures! You don’t have to overdo it, and you don’t need to be super creative — simply linking to a relevant video is often enough to get people to take notice.

#4 — Show Your Authority and Expertise

Have you read some interesting statistics or facts about senior care recently? Are there things about your business that people would be surprised to know? Use your social media platforms to express your authority and expertise as a senior care expert, and you’ll build trust in the community.

#5 — Connect With Other Local Businesses

One of the best ways to make an impact through social media on the local level is to reach out to other businesses that you may be able to partner with. Be friendly and reach out to businesses that are adjacent to the industry. And don’t be afraid to share posts relevant to your specific location. This practice can be extraordinarily powerful!

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


Need a Better Way to Be Your Own Boss? Consider Franchise Ownership!

Need a Better Way to Be Your Own Boss? Consider Franchise Ownership!When people think about the “American dream,” they tend to envision a nice home, a loving family and a rewarding professional life. The concept of independence also comes to mind, with many Americans dreaming of lives in which they are their own bosses.

Being your own boss is challenging, but it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects of living the “American dream.” Entrepreneurs embody this spirit, taking risks and confronting challenges in the name of freedom and independence. They also love the notion of providing for their families with an income derived from pursuing their own professional goals — not the goals of a boss or a corporation.

But traditional entrepreneurship is not right for everyone. It looks good on paper to many people, but in reality, it’s just too much to take on, especially when they have families to support. And for many would-be entrepreneurs, there are too many potential pitfalls: What if they don’t have the right business plan? What about filling out and filing the proper legal documents? How will they know how much capital is needed to get a brand-new venture off the ground.

Thankfully, there is a wonderful alternative to the traditional model of entrepreneurship; one in which there is a tremendous amount of support and assistance available: franchise ownership!

A Different Way to Be Your Own Boss

Franchise ownership has emerged as an ideal option for those entrepreneurs who would rather follow an established model than start from scratch. It involves following a system and the guidance of experts, but it’s one of the best ways for modern entrepreneurs to become their own bosses. The benefits of owning and operating one’s own business remain, but with the additional benefits of having access to a system of support and expertise that would not be available under the traditional entrepreneurship model.

Need a Better Way to Be Your Own Boss? Consider Franchise Ownership!Franchise Ownership in the Senior Care Sector

Franchise ownership is a great way to be your own boss, but selecting the right franchise can be a challenge. Everyone knows about fast-food franchises, but there are numerous alternatives available to suit the entrepreneurial needs of people from all walks of life and business. One of the most intriguing industries for franchise ownership is senior care.

The in home senior care industry is rising, and many of the opportunities that are available in this growing sector of the economy are in franchise ownership. Senior care franchising allows entrepreneurs to be their own bosses, but it includes the added benefit of the opportunity to serve and help others.

Consider Always Best Care

Always Best Care is a leader in the senior care industry, and we’re always looking for compassionate, driven people to join our company as franchise owners. Our proven system provides a clear roadmap, and our people are always there to help. For those looking to be their own bosses, Always Best Care is a terrific choice for the next chapter of professional life!

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


Franchise Ownership — Amazing Opportunities for Military Vets

Franchise Ownership — Amazing Opportunities for Military VetsVeterans of the United States Armed Forces are some of the most skilled, dedicated, selfless and hardworking people in the country, but they often experience difficulty transitioning back into civilian life once their military service has come to an end. For many veterans, the seeming lack of opportunity can be incredibly frustrating, especially when they have so much to offer. Certainly, there are jobs out there to be had, but what many veterans desire is the chance to operate businesses that allow them to continue to provide service. For many returning veterans, owning a senior care franchise represents the ideal opportunity.

Veterans Have All the Right Traits for Franchise Ownership

As it turns out, the skills required to own and operate a senior care franchise effectively have a lot in common with those that are developed through military service. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Franchise ownership requires people to wear a number of hats, but that’s only done well if a person can prioritize and focus their concentration on what needs to be done in the here and now. Through their training and experience, military veterans are some of the most focused individuals on the planet, making them excellent candidates for senior care franchise ownership!

Military veterans understand what makes teams work well, and they know what it takes to provide excellent leadership. Mostly, it’s all about understanding people and motivating them, which is something with which most military veterans are very familiar.

Franchise Ownership — Amazing Opportunities for Military Vets*Strategy
Seeing the entire “chess board” and being able to plan several moves ahead (while accounting for possible surprises along the way) are traits that are highly developed among military veterans. Strategic traits are crucial when it comes to successful franchise ownership; marketing, accounting for growth, dealing with competition and a number of other aspects require an ability to strategize effectively.

*Following Orders
A successful military operation requires that people understand the chain of command and can follow orders. In franchise ownership, it’s important to be able to lead, but it’s equally as critical to be able to take direction and follow the system. Military veterans are ideally suited for this type of professional scenario, given their backgrounds.

Continuing Service

In senior care, franchise owners work toward various professional goals, but they also experience something rare in the business world — the chance to give back to their communities.

Seniors everywhere are living better lives thanks to the “aging in place” boom, and senior care franchise owners are making it possible. Franchise owners provide options that help families care for aging loved ones, and they act as vital resources in their communities. Military veterans who wish to continue their service can find a rewarding outlet through senior care franchising.

Why Always Best Care?

Always Best Care has been consistently ranked as one of the top franchises for veterans. In fact, Military Times has called Always Best Care one of its “Best for Vets” franchises on multiple occasions. For those veterans interested in franchise ownership, Always Best Care should be at the top of the list!

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising eBook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


How to Set Up Your Franchise Facebook Page

As a senior care franchise owner, it’s crucial for you to be able to market your business well. Of course, franchising gives you access to tools and expertise from your area representatives, as well as powerful name recognition for your brand. However, there are a number of marketing initiatives that you can take on to ensure that people know you’re offering outstanding in home senior care in your community. These days, marketing means being able to make an impact online, and one of the best places to make an impact is on Facebook.

Your Facebook Business Page is an essential plank in your overall franchise marketing platform, but you need to set it up properly to ensure that you get the results you want.

A Page, Not a Profile

First of all, you need to make sure that your business has an official Facebook Page, which is different from a Facebook profile. A profile is what you have for your personal use, allowing you to interact with family and friends. A page is a separate creation that identifies itself through its direct association with a business or other entity. Using a Page is much more professional, plus it ensures that you remain within the boundaries of Facebook’s Terms of Use.

Getting started with your page is easy! Just go to your personal account and select the option for “Create New Facebook Page.” You’ll be guided through all of the steps for the initial creation of your page.

Spruce it Up!

Facebook will take you through the basic steps for setting up your page, which allows you to do the bare minimum to get it up and running. However, it’s important that you take some time to add a detailed description and a good selection of images. Choose your profile picture carefully — the thumbnail of this image will appear in all of your Page interactions. Also, be sure to select a cover photo that is 851 x 315 pixels, or at least 399 x 150 pixels (Facebook will resize it). Otherwise, your page will look less than professional.

Admin Privileges

As the creator of your Facebook Page, you have exclusive administrative access. You may want to give others access, though, so you can have your team post updates and interact with others.

To add users as “admins,” simply click on the option to “Edit Page,” then you can select (or deselect) users for admin access. Please note that admins need to have user profiles in order to be given access to your Page.

Promoting Your Pagefacebook

When you set up your Facebook Business Page, it won’t have any “Likes.” In order to get people to pay attention to your Page, invite friends from your personal profile and begin promoting your Page in blog posts and through postings on other social media platforms. You can also create a Facebook “badge” to place on your website, which will send users directly to your Page when they click on it. Of course, you can always use Facebook Ads to generate interest in your Page; just make sure that you use your advertising budget wisely and that you take time to focus on a targeted audience to make the greatest impact.

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.



Three Ways to Take Advantage of the Aging-In-Place Boom

Three Ways to Take Advantage of the Aging-In-Place Boom“Aging in place” is a term that’s becoming increasingly common as you read about issues facing modern seniors. For today’s elder population — and those who are about to join it — staying at home throughout the aging process is vitally important, which means that traditional means of taking care of the older generation are not as popular as they used to be. In fact, the transition from home to nursing home, which used to be an automatic one, is no longer the standard when it comes to keeping seniors safe, happy and comfortable. These days, the trend is shifting toward ways we can keep our seniors where they want to be — at home.

The issue with this trend is that the demand for aging-in-place options is growing faster than the infrastructure needed to support it. That’s why owning an in home senior care franchise represents such a fantastic opportunity right now. As a non-medical elder care franchise owner, you can provide a much-needed resource, but you have to be able to embrace the big changes that are happening — and are about to happen — in the senior care industry.

Be Ready for the Aging-In-Place Boom

If you’re interested in senior-care franchising, and you want to be ready for the challenges presented by a rapidly shifting business world, here are three tips to help you manage your business and be a leader in the aging-in-place movement:

#1 — Take on A Growing Population

The senior population is growing quickly, and they are going to need excellent care in the coming years. By 2030, the number of people over the age of 85 could triple to 20 million, and many of them are going to need fantastic non medical care right at home. Will you be there for them?

#2 — Help Those Who Need It Most

About 25% of seniors suffer from a condition that negatively affects cognition, hearing, vision and/or mobility. As seniors join the growing 85+ population, the number who are affected by such conditions rises to more than two thirds. These seniors should not be forced to leave their homes, but they are going to need special care. Be the one to help them with your senior care business.

Three Ways to Take Advantage of the Aging-In-Place Boom#3 — Helping Those Who Don’t Have Help

As many as 16% of Baby Boomers do not have children to help take care of them, and a large portion of them are insistent on aging in place. As a senior care franchise owner, you can help this segment of the population by providing a resource that offers kind, compassionate care in your community.

More Tips for Successful Senior-Care Franchising!

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.



Top Twitter Tips for Senior Care Franchisees

Top Twitter Tips for Senior Care FranchiseesThese days, you have to use social media if you want to achieve success as a business owner. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate or what sector of the economy you find yourself in — your target market is on social media, so you need to be there, too. As a senior care franchise owner, it’s especially important to use social media effectively so you can stand out from the competition in your area.

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms, and it has been for the better part of a decade now. However, many senior care franchisees feel as if the popular micro blogging platform is inappropriate for their businesses, or that it isn’t a valid way to connect with their target audience and market. This thinking couldn’t be further from the truth!

The fact of the matter is that Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available for franchisees.

If you’re not using Twitter or you’re having trouble understanding how to use it in a way that benefits your elder care business, we have some tips to help you give your franchise the edge it needs in your local area..

Eight Top Twitter Tips for Franchisees

#1 — Use it Daily
Make a habit of posting at least once per day to build up a solid reputation.

#2 — Use Tools to Schedule Tweets
Online apps and tools such as TweetDeck, Buffer and HootSuite can help you manage your Twitter feed and schedule updates so you can better manage your schedule.

#3 — Pay Attention to Notifications
When someone wants to interact or has a question, you need to be able to respond and interact effectively; this is where the magic happens!

#4 — Provide Links to Relevant Content
One of the wonderful ways to establish yourself as an authority in the local market senior care is to tweet links to articles and other pieces that are relevant (and helpful) to your audience.

#5 — Link to Your Blog and Website, but Do It Tastefully
Remember the 80/20 rule: only 20% of your tweets should be promotional, but when you do promote, be ready to tell the world where to go to learn more about your business.

Top Twitter Tips for Senior Care Franchisees#6 — Use Analytics
You can truly maximize your Twitter impact by using analytics tools, many of which can be found for free on the web. This way, you can fine tune your approach.

#7 — Get Followers by Following
Don’t be afraid to reach out and follow accounts that relevant to what you do! This helps you to connect with potential clients and customers, too!

#8 — Promote Your Business Locally
Talk about local events and don’t forget to tag other local businesses with whom you are allied. This is where you can really stand out!

Social Media Advice and More for Franchisees

Are you wondering how you can build a social media presence that translates into a healthy bottom line for your senior care business? Download our FREE franchising ebook today and find out why Always Best Care is a leader in the growing senior-care franchise sector.


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

Three Great Questions to Ask Existing Franchisees

Three Great Questions to Ask Existing FranchiseesWhen it’s time for a change in your life or your career, it can be tempting to jump in head first, dealing with the consequences and challenges as they arise. However, that’s not the right way to approach business ownership, no matter how eager you may be for a shift in your professional life. Perhaps you’ve become interested in the possibilities present within the lucrative senior-care industry, and you’ve heard about the difference you can make in your community as an in home elder care franchisee. While the industry finds itself in the midst of amazing growth and opportunity for hard-working individuals like you, you still need to do your homework and due diligence before you sign any paperwork.

One of the best things you can do for yourself — and your future franchising efforts — is to interview current senior-care franchise owners. They have insights that you won’t find elsewhere, and they can provide you with knowledge that can ensure that you make the right decision.

But what should you ask existing franchisees?

We’ve come up with three essential questions — Let’s take a look!

#1 — “How Happy Are You?”

This may seem obvious, but if you envision a happy life for you and your family, you want to be sure that such satisfaction is possible with a particular franchisor before you make any commitments.

Ask franchisees about their happiness and satisfaction. Pay attention not only to what they have to say, but also their body language and enthusiasm. If you sense that trouble may be brewing under the surface of a happy exterior, you may need to deepen your research and/or eliminate a particular franchise from contention.

#2 — “How Long Did it Take To Experience a Return on Investment?”

Ultimately, you’re interested in franchising because it offers an opportunity to earn a solid income. But you can’t wait forever to see a return on your investment. Find out how long it took existing franchisees to experience a return, and you’ll have a much better idea of what the senior-care franchising landscape will look like for you.

Three Great Questions to Ask Existing Franchisees#3 — “What Kind of Support Have You Received?”

One of the primary reasons to choose a franchise business instead of a more traditional business model is the level of support that’s available to franchisees. Ask current franchisees about the types of support they’ve received from the main office. Is there marketing assistance? What about training? You want to make sure that you’re not on your own once you make a commitment!

More Great Franchise Questions and Answers!

If you’re interested in operating your own senior care franchise, a bright future awaits — but only if you go into the process of purchasing your franchise armed with good questions and great research. For more information on what it’s like to own and operate your own non medical senior care franchise, download our FREE franchising ebook today! 


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.