Why Your Senior Care Franchise Matters

Why Your Senior Care Franchise MattersWhether you’re going into business for the first time, or if you are an experienced professional as a business owner, success is measured in a number of different ways. Certainly, it’s important to make money — as a business owner in a capitalistic society, that will always be your number-one priority — but there are other factors that make owning your own business special. If your business is operating your own senior care franchise, for example, success also means making a difference in the lives of individuals and families in your area. As an in-home senior care franchise owner, your business matters to people other than you and your team, and success is measured largely by your ability to provide a service that people depend on.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways your franchise truly matters:

#1 — It’s the Perfect Option for Today’s Seniors

These days, living a rich, fulfilling life at any age is all about options.

Years ago, families had very few options when it came to ensuring that an aging loved one lived comfortably and safely with the ideal level of care. Today, in-home senior care is the perfect solution for those aging individuals who choose to remain in the comfortable home environment.

Modern seniors can enjoy life the way they choose to live it, not in the unfamiliar and often uncomfortable surroundings of the typical nursing home environment that was once the norm.

By providing an option for in-home senior care in your community, you are offering a solution that might not otherwise be present for families in the area. For many seniors, what you’re providing with your senior care franchise is the ideal scenario for aging. And that really matters!

#2 — You’re Improving the Community

Owning a local business means that you are part of a community; you can’t expect to find success if you’re only looking out for yourself and your business’s bottom line. So by providing such a unique — and much needed — resource, you’re actually supplying your community with options that strengthen the fabric of your town or city. There are some areas of the country where seniors don’t have all of the options that are available elsewhere. By operating your franchise in the area where you live, you ensure that your community stays modern, up to date and a place where people can feel comfortable growing old.

Why Your Senior Care Franchise Matters#3 — The Senior Population Is Growing — You’re There for Them

Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age in huge numbers, and the senior population is about to start growing at a stratospheric rate. These people currently form the backbone of your community, but they’re going to need help in the coming years. By operating a senior care franchise, you provide part of the essential infrastructure that will help your community treat its seniors with the care and respect they deserve.

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How to Build a Team of Top-Notch Caregivers

How to Build a Team of Top-Notch CaregiversBecoming a senior care franchise owner is an exciting process. Throughout it, you will learn more than you ever thought possible about the in home care industry, and you’ll be presented with a number of challenges. It’s all worth it, of course, because you get to use your particular skills and talents to run a successful business of your own while helping your community. And along the way, you’ll add people to your team who will help your business succeed — and help you establish your franchise as a real resource for seniors and their families in your area.

One of the first challenges you will have to face is hiring a team of caregivers. This is crucial for the health of your franchise and your ability to provide helpful, credible care. But as long as you follow some simple guidelines, you can rest assured knowing that the people you hire will represent you and your business amazingly well.


Recruiting refers to your ability to locate the best possible candidates out in the world.

When it comes to recruiting, you first need to identify the type of caregiver you want for your franchise. Make a list of characteristics and/or traits that the ideal candidate would possess. Then, you can match potential hires to your ideal. When a caregiver matches what you have in mind, you know you’re on the right track!

The other critical part of the recruiting process is advertising for caregivers. Here are some tips that can help you maximize your efforts:

    1. Be detailed when describing the job

    1. Use your description of the ideal caregiver when you advertise

    1. Describe the

benefits and perks of the job

    1. to entice the best candidates

    1. Be brief and to the point to attract the attention of the most in-demand candidates

    Advertise in places where the highest-quality caregivers are likely to look as a means of targeting the best candidates

How to Build a Team of Top-Notch CaregiversOnboarding

Onboarding refers to your ability to bring your new hires up to speed so they can contribute quickly and meaningfully to your franchise’s success.

This process is incredibly important because it initiates your staff members into the values and ethics that you want to convey as a business owner. Your image and your reputation as an in-home care franchisee will be determined largely by your staff. A comprehensive and thorough onboarding procedure is the best way to ensure that your people “get it.”

Here are some pointers:

    1. Articulate your goals and values clearly, and use repetition in training to ensure that your caregivers understand what’s important to you and your business

    1. Ensure that common procedures are standardized so that all members of your team operate in a consistent manner

    1. Don’t forget to explain how caregivers should go about addressing common issues and concerns

    Manage expectations by answering questions and concerns honestly

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Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

Meet Bryant Greene – Our Amazing Franchisee of the Year!

Meet Bryant Greene – Our Amazing Franchisee of the Year!Of all the wonderful franchise owners in the Always Best Care system, perhaps no one exemplifies perseverance and success quite as well as Bryant Greene, owner of Always Best Care Senior Services of Philadelphia. Not long ago, Greene found himself laid off as a victim of the “Great Recession,” wondering what his next move should be. Today, he is one of the brightest lights in the growing in-home care industry.

How did he do it?

He worked hard and followed the Always Best Care franchising system!

Corporate Experience Transformed into Franchise Success

In 2009, during the peak of the recession, Greene found himself out of a job. His two decades of corporate experience somehow didn’t appeal to employers, so he sought different opportunities. While attending a job fair, he was introduced to the idea of going into business as a franchise owner. At first, Greene was skeptical, thinking that buying a franchise business would be a poor financial – and career – decision in the midst of a catastrophic financial downturn. However, once he was introduced to the growing senior-care industry, he saw a clear path forward. Remembering his grandparents and the appreciation he developed for seniors when he was younger, he decided to invest in a franchise with Always Best Care.

Amazing Growth After a Slow Start

Things didn’t take off as quickly as Greene had hoped when he opened his first Always Best Care franchise in July, 2010. In fact, the office didn’t attract its first client until three months later! Fortunately, Greene and his staff continued working hard and following the ABC franchise system. Then, once the business was approved for Pennsylvania’s Medicaid waiver program in February, 2011, tremendous growth started to occur.

These days, Greene can boast about a thriving business with more than 1,200 employees and offices in Philadelphia, Bristol and Yeadon. Later this year, a Wilmington, Delaware office will be added to the mix. Although Greene has experienced amazing success and growth as an Always Best Care Franchise owner, the focus of his business remains firmly centered on the care of seniors, believing that the business is only as good as the service it provides.


Well-Deserved Recognition

At the 2015 Always Best Care International Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Greene was recognized by the national franchise as its franchise owner of the Year.Meet Bryant Greene – Our Amazing Franchisee of the Year! Thanks to his commitment to in-home senior care, his willingness to give back to the community and, of course, the growth of his business, Greene was an obvious selection for the award.

While Bryant Greene’s success is exceptional, similar results can be achieved by anyone who invests time, energy, money, hard work and dedication into their Always Best Care franchise. Certainly, Greene’s business savvy has helped him succeed, but it’s his commitment to the finely tuned franchise system that has made him a leader in the senior-care industry.

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Please refer to the current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for required and pertinent information related to investing in, and operating, a franchise.  Each franchisor must publish and annually update an FDD.  The FDD is made available to you as part of the Discovery process, after your initial discussions with the franchisor.

Buying a Franchise? Follow these Five Tips for Success!

Buying a Franchise? Follow these Five Tips for Success!Buying a franchise is not something to take lightly, especially if it’s your first time going through the process! Purchasing a franchise is like nothing else in the business world – it’s similar to starting or buying your own business, but with the reputation (and expectations) of a successful entity in your corner – which is why you need to make sure you understand some of the lesser-known points about the franchise-purchase process. If you’re ready to buy your own franchise, but you want to ensure that you do so as successfully as possible, use these five franchise tips!

#1 – Know Yourself, Your Skills and Your Interests

Franchises are attractive to many people because they provide a way to jump onboard an already successful business opportunity; however, you shouldn’t just sign up for the most lucrative franchise opportunity you see. Instead, analyze yourself and your passions; then you can determine the type of franchise that will inspire your enthusiasm, which will lead to greater profits (and personal happiness)!

#2 – Use All of The Research Tools You Have Available

These days, there’s no excuse to be uninformed about the details surrounding various franchising opportunities. Perform your due diligence and make sure you take advantage of the Internet, word of mouth, personal inquiries and all other forms of research. You’ll have a much greater chance of hitting the franchise jackpot.

#3 – Pay Attention to Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs)

Don’t make the mistake of simply scanning Franchise Disclosure Documents! These documents contain complicated and sometimes confusing language, so you need to ensure that you understand what you’re getting into. Thankfully, attorneys are available to assist new franchisees when it comes to comprehending FDDs.

#4 – Don’t Focus on Just the Short Term or the Long Term
Buying a Franchise? Follow these Five Tips for Success!Operating a franchise is a huge responsibility, which is why you can’t expect to buy, then sit back and watch the money pile up. It takes work and leadership from you, and you need to be sure to have a handle on the day-to-day operations of your business as well as the long-term vision for the franchise. Spending too much time focused on just one of these areas will cause your business to suffer. That’s why selecting a franchise that allows you to apply your vision (and hold your interest) today and years in the future is so important.

#5 – Trust Your Gut

All the research, studying and hard work you perform in the process of selecting and purchasing a franchise is meaningless until you actually make a decision. There will be no easy answers, even if you’ve left no stone unturned in your process. Therefore, you need to be able to trust your instincts. After all, if an opportunity looks amazing on paper, but it just doesn’t feel right in your gut, it’s not one you should pursue.

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For more information, contact Always Best Care toll-free at 1-855-430-CARE (2273). Also, don’t forget to download your FREE copy of our comprehensive franchise eBook!


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

How to Assess Your Home Care Business for Growth: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Whether you’re just starting a home care business, or you’ve been in business for years, you’re most likely on the lookout to grow. There is no set formula for growing your home care franchise, but there are many tools and processes you can use to grow your business. The very first step to growing your company is to accurately assess your current status. Here are five questions to ask yourself in order to get a clear picture of where you stand:

What is the current size of your company, compared to your biggest competitors?

This can be hard to judge. You can get information by requesting copies of Medicare cost reports on your competitors. While these reports can often be several years old, you can get an idea for comparison. Another resource can be your local business newspaper or publication which lists several categories in your area and the top 25 companies for each of them.

How fast is your franchise growing?

While the economy has been sluggish in recent years, the rise in the U.S. retired population and an increasing desire to keep long term care costs down means that the home care business is steadily growing.

Where does your company stand in your local market?

Engagement is a key factor in answering this question. Find out what people are saying about your business. Do surveys of both customers and referral sources, with a focus on how your company compares to competitors.

How does the employment marketplace view your company?

Your employees will talk to friends and other prospective employees in your area. How does your company stand out as a place to work? Customer relations and employee relations are mirror images of each other. If your in-home care business has a reputation for being a great place to work, it’s likely to have a reputation for being a great place to receive care.

How do you measure up in your patient surveys?

Are there scores on your patient satisfaction surveys which consistently show room for improvement? Think of ways to implement those improvements. Are there testimonials you can use to show other potential customers the way your home care franchise stands out from the rest in your area?

Once you have a clear picture of where your home care business stands, you can create a plan for the direction and specific strategy by which you will grow your company.

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Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.