Why a Home Care Business is a Solid Investment

home care businessThere is no doubt about it. Home care businesses are in demand. The changing demographics of America’s population, along with evolving attitudes on health care in general, are assuring that a home care business will be able to turn a profit for years to come.

The Growing Demand for Home Care Businesses

Let’s face it. We are all getting older. But as the huge numbers of baby-boomers are officially becoming senior citizens, this means millions of people are reaching their golden years at the same time. In fact, it is estimated that 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day through 2029! This presents a tremendous market and a bright future for home care businesses.

Right now there are about 7,000 companies involved in the home health sector of the economy, yet many communities remain under-served and can’t keep pace with the rising demand. When you own an Always Best Care franchise, one of America’s most respected home care businesses, you will be tapping into a huge market that promises an easy and fast return on your investment.

The Aging-in-Place Trend is Fueling Home Care Businesses

For years, the traditional approach to aging parents was to move them to nursing homes when their needs became too great to manage. Today, there is a decided trend toward aging in place. Whenever possible, when seniors need assistance but do not require hospitalization, they prefer to stay at home and their families prefer this, too.

An Always Best Care franchise can bring the full range of support services into the home. Whether recuperating from an illness, facing a disability, or suffering from lack of mobility, the elderly rely on Always Best Care for:

  • Health monitoring
  • Housekeeping assistance
  • Medication delivery
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Help with basic daily living routines

The Dollars and Cents Make Sense for Home Care Businesses

The preference for in-home care is not just based on a desire for a better quality of life; in-home care can be considerably more affordable than living in a nursing home. The government often picks up most, if not all, of the tab for short-term home care, through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

That’s part of the reason why investing in home care businesses makes good financial sense. It can be a reasonably priced investment, particularly if you join a solid franchise leader such as Always Best Care. In fact, research shows that you can save tens of thousands of dollars in startup costs over opening an independent home care agency.

We will help you gear up with comprehensive training in our proven business model. When you open your doors with our management and marketing strategy in full swing, you will have a leg up on the competition. You will enjoy instant name recognition in your community, supported by our national reputation for quality delivery of the full range of home health services.

Home care businesses are forecast to be highly profitable and recession-resistant for years to come. Always Best Care will show you the way! Learn about us at 855-430-2273 or email [email protected].

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Franchising and The Second Act of Your Career

Franchising and The Second Act of Your CareerWe talk a lot about how people are living longer and preferring to stay in their homes after retiring – the Baby Boomer generation is reaching an age of transition, which is one of the reasons why the in home senior care industry is growing so quickly. But this generation is treating retirement and the prospect of “old age” much differently from previous ones. People in their 50s and 60s are finding that they can enjoy the fruits of their labors in retirement while continuing to follow their passions for working and helping others. As it turns out, for many in this new generation of retirees, franchising in the senior care sector is the perfect next step.

Why Senior Care?

Franchising is a great way for semi retired individuals and those looking for a late-career transition to apply their talents, skills, experience and expertise to the business world in a meaningful way. Here’s how:

  • A Way to Give Back

In the senior care industry, we offer something few other franchises can provide – a way to give back to the community. Seasoned individuals who’ve seen it all in the business world often shift their focus from the bottom line to the people who make it all possible. As a senior care franchisee, you can continue to operate a successful business while improving the world around you.

  • The Right Financial Outlook

Many people, as they approach retirement age, are simply not prepared financially to stop working. However, they do have the appropriate amount of capital to invest in – and operate – a senior care franchise successfully, making them ideal candidates. And with in-home care becoming so popular, those who invest in the senior care industry can feel confident about their decisions.

  • Social Engagement

Franchising and The Second Act of Your CareerStarting your own franchise business is a great way to surround yourself with people like you who value hard work and community support. Through the process of running your franchise, you’ll meet other franchisees, area representatives, caregivers, medical professionals and – of course – seniors who will engage you in ways that give your life real richness and meaning. Your own senior care business keeps you connected to the world and your community while giving you the chance to follow your career passions.

  • No Starting From Scratch

Let’s face it – starting a business from the ground up is no easy task. As a younger person, it may have been fun and exciting, but now that you’ve got some miles behind you, you are no longer interested in the grind. That’s why franchising is so ideal! With your own senior-care franchise, you can experience the joys of running your own business without the agonies of having to do it all on your own. It’s as simple as following the system!

Franchise With Always Best Care

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A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What’s Around the Corner?

A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What's Around the Corner?Times seem to be changing more rapidly than ever before, and the senior-care industry is not immune. Technology continues to advance at a blistering rate, and people are living longer lives, which has forced individuals and families to think differently about how they take care of the senior population. Navigating the transforming landscape will be challenging, but we’ve looked ahead to make some predictions about where the elder-care industry will be headed in the next few years.

Let’s have a look!

#1 – A New Ideal

For decades, the automatic response to aging was to investigate nursing-home care. The idea of allowing Mom or Dad to continue living and thriving at home was simply not a viable choice for most families. Today, however, staying at home has become the dominant model for effective senior care. When you look at the amazing benefits that seniors can experience by staying at home, as well as the financial benefits for families, it’s easy to see that the in-home-care model will continue to dominate our industry in the coming decades.

#2 – Technology Rules

Even if seniors don’t embrace the latest technological advances, modern technology will have a major impact on how the elderly live their lives. Technology keeps families and friends connected, plus it can be used to automate various functions of the home, making life much easier for seniors. As time goes by, technology will only become more important, which means that those of us in the senior-care industry will do well to stay on top of the technological wave.

#3 – Living Longer and Living Well

A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What's Around the Corner?Life expectancies keep rising – seniors are enjoying life after retirement for longer than ever before, and they are taking full advantage of the time that they have available to them. Today’s aging population is youthful and vibrant, and its members are interested in living lives that are filled with fun, adventure and vitality. The desire to live a rich, active and fulfilling life is strong among today’s seniors, and they recognize that they can age more gracefully – and happily – by remaining at home. This means that in-home senior-care providers who furnish opportunities for vibrant, active living will become increasingly attractive to the aging population.

The Future of Senior Care

No one knows for sure what the future will look like, but it’s easy to see where the senior-care industry is going. The nursing-home model is a thing of the past, and seniors are living rich, full, independent lives. This is great news for those of us involved with in-home care!

Are you interested in learning how franchising with Always Best Care can provide you with the tools to navigate the future effectively! Call us today for a free consultation at 1-855-430-CARE (2273). Also, be sure to download our FREE senior care franchising eBook!


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How Will the Healthcare Mandate Affect Seniors and the Senior Care franchise Industry?

The Affordable Care Act is a healthcare reform measure that aims to make health insurance more affordable and accessible to Americans.

Among the ways it does this is by barring insurance companies from denying people coverage based on preexisting conditions, requiring that insurance companies cover 10 essential health benefits, including preventive and pediatric services, and subsidizing the cost of coverage for eligible participants.

Impact to Seniors

Seniors on Medicare should not be affected by the Affordable Care Act in terms of losing coverage. In fact, the ACA will extend additional benefits to those on Medicare, including reductions in the cost of prescription drugs and the addition of several free preventive services.

For most people on Medicare, costs will remain the same.  For higher income individuals, the monthly cost of Medicare will increase, but this will impact a small number of people of those on Medicare (around five percent), according to webmd.com.

Since senior care services, including assisted living, are most often paid for with private funds, the impact on the senior care industry should be minimal, in terms of payment for services.

Impact to the Senior Care Industry

The impact on assisted living facilities and other senior care services will likely be minimal in terms of changes to patient care. The biggest impact will revolve around employer obligations to provide caregiver staff with health insurance.

Beginning in 2015, employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent (FTE) employees will be required to offer employees health insurance or face a per-employee penalty of

$3,000. Employers with fewer than 50 FTE employees will not be subject to the same requirement.  Employers will ultimately need to do a cost assessment to determine whether it is in their best interest to provide employees with health insurance or pay the penalties.

Employees who do not receive health insurance through their employer can purchase coverage via their state’s health insurance exchange (if available) or through the federal exchange.  Depending on income level some people may qualify for a subsidy to help pay for coverage.

The Affordable Care Act aims to provide Americans with affordable access to health insurance. The launch of the federal health insurance exchange website has been met with many technical glitches, frustrating consumers.

As time passes, and these issues are addressed and corrected, the full impact of the Affordable Care Act and the healthcare mandate will become more clear.

Always Best Care is among the leading companies with senior care franchise opportunities, to learn more contact an area rep near you.

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Smartphones Can Help Seniors Stay Connected

For many of us our smartphones are an essential part of our lives, helping us navigate the roads, avoid traffic jams, check our email, snap photos on the fly, update social media accounts, and more.  In fact, anyone who has ever panicked upon realizing they left their phone at home knows that perhaps we have become a bit too reliant on our beloved phones.

For the most part, though, smartphone ownership is limited to younger demographics.  Seniors (age 65+) could benefit greatly from smartphones to stay connected to loved ones in other ways than phone calls alone (i.e. through social media), but they trail the younger generations in terms of smartphone adoption, according to a Pew survey conducted in 2011.

The survey found that 68 percent of respondents aged 66-74 (classified on the survey as “Older Boomers”) reported having a cell phone, while just 48 percent of respondents aged 75+ (classified as the “G.I. Generation”) reported having one.  Older Boomers used their cell phones for taking pictures, sending or receiving text messages, accessing the Internet and sending or receiving emails at higher rates than did the G.I Generation.

While the survey didn’t indicate the reasons for lower smartphone use among seniors, it’s probably safe to assume that since seniors didn’t grow up with this technology it may feel a bit overwhelming and confusing at first.  But there are plenty of ways seniors can benefit from smartphone technology.  Our phones function well beyond phone calls, enhancing communication between family members and friends through mediums like social media and connecting us to the world at large.

In-home and assisted living caregivers can help seniors learn how to navigate and use the various functions of their smartphones, including the camera and email features, which could potentially help seniors feel more engaged and connected.

Always Best Care is among the most reputable non-medical home care companies in the nation.  To learn more about starting a Senior Care Franchise contact an Area Representative near you.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Seniors are all too often an untapped resource of invaluable wisdom, knowledge and guidance.  As many people age, they lose touch with family members and friends, which can create feelings of loneliness and isolation.  It’s important for people to feel like they’re making a difference in the world, and seniors are certainly no exception.  Seniors can offer valuable advice and life lessons to people of every age.

While some may have physical limitations, there are still numerous ways seniors can get active in their communities and volunteer.  We’ve highlighted some volunteer opportunities below.


  • Foster “grandparent” — There is no shortage of kids who need guidance and support, and who could benefit from the wisdom and attention seniors can provide.  Foster grandparents help children with activities like reading and writing, they mentor troubled youth, and help children who have suffered abuse or neglect. There is no limit to how a foster grandparent can help a young person in need.
  • Elder companion — Elder companions offer assistance to those who are ill or have limited mobility, or who are simply seeking companionship.  Becoming an elder companion is a rewarding experience for all involved.
  • Nature guide — Seniors who have a love for the great outdoors can make excellent nature guides. Whether taking kids on local hikes, or giving presentations at a nature center, there are many ways seniors can share their knowledge about nature and help promote stewardship.
  • Community service — There are dozens of ways to get involved in the local community, from food drives, to youth outreach and education.  And there is no shortage of local and national organizations where seniors can find volunteer opportunities, including Senior Core, a division of AmeriCorps.

Volunteering in the community can be a truly rewarding experience for seniors, whose wisdom and knowledge change lives.  Regardless of physical capabilities, opportunities to help are all around.  Assisted living and In-home care franchise assistants can help clients find local volunteer opportunities in the community, and in doing so, improve clients’ quality of life.

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Creating a Pleasant Holiday Season for Residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The staff at assisted living facilities can go a long way in helping make the holiday season a fun and pleasurable event for residents. Feeling a sense of home is important to residents whose lives in assisted living facilities are likely very different than when they were at home, and the holidays can help spark feelings of warmth, family and tradition.

Familiar Items Can Bring Comfort and Good Cheer

Despite memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia, patients with these conditions often remember events deep in their pasts with surprising clarity.

Decorating a resident’s room with treasured Christmas ornaments or other holiday memorabilia with the help of the resident’s family members can create a sense of familiarity and bring comfort during the holiday season.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that change can be disconcerting or disorienting for some with dementia, so the resident’s wishes must be respected when it comes to decorating or moving things around the room.

Deck the Halls

Decorating the facility, playing holiday music and holding social gatherings for residents during the holiday season can help create a festive, lively atmosphere.  You may be questioning whether it’s worth the effort, considering many residents may not be aware of the season, but it’s important to note that while the short-term memories of patients with dementia can be fleeting, it’s difficult to know with certainty what they may be picking up on and what events they may remember.

People with dementia can teach us a lesson about living in the present moment. While it may be forgotten tomorrow, if a holiday song or social gathering brings a resident pleasure, the effort put into creating those special moments is fully worthwhile.

Always Best Care is among the leading senior franchises and providers of in-home care and assisted living services in the nation.  Learn more about becoming a franchisee and helping seniors on our website, www.www.alwaysbestcare.com/franchising.

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