Got Senior Care Franchise Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Got Senior Care Franchise Questions? We've Got Answers!Although the public is familiar with how franchising works, the senior care industry remains somewhat mysterious to entrepreneurs and others who are looking to go into business for themselves. Do you have questions about home care franchising? You’ve come to the right place!

How does senior care differ from other franchise opportunities?

Senior care provides an opportunity to get started with franchising for a very low cost compared to other service-oriented franchises. Additionally, the need for strong home care options for seniors is growing fast, creating new opportunities for potential franchisees every day.

What kind of marketing/advertising/promotional support can I receive as a franchisee?

At Always Best Care, we value being on the cutting edge of marketing technology and strategies that allow franchisees to target their markets with laser focus. As a franchisee, you’ll need to work hard, but you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have the best tools for success.

What types of services will I be expected to provide as a senior care franchisee?

One of the most attractive aspects of Always Best Care – for clients and franchisees – is our multi dimensional focus. In addition to providing top-notch in home senior care services, ABC provides a number of other services that help seniors and provide franchisees with multiple revenue streams.

What if the economy takes a “wrong turn” again? How stable is the senior care industry?

The senior care industry is remarkably “recession proof” because there will always be elderly individuals who require care.

Got Senior Care Franchise Questions? We've Got Answers!What about training? It seems like there’s a lot to learn to be a successful senior care franchisee.

Always Best Care only benefits when our franchisees succeed, which is why our company places such a high value on providing the best training in the industry. Strong ongoing support is also a key component of our system, ensuring that franchisees always have help when they need it.

How soon can I expect a return on my initial investment?

The answer to this question is up to you. You can find great success with your senior care franchise, but only if you work hard and follow the system. Always Best Care provides all of the support you need to succeed, but it’s your job to turn that support into a financial windfall. We’re rooting for you!

The Bottom Line

Franchising is a great way to go into business for yourself, and the senior care market is positioned for amazing growth in the coming years. Other franchise opportunities might be more well known, but franchising in our industry provides you with a chance to make a real difference. If you’re interested in a terrific franchise opportunity, and you relish the opportunity to do some real good in the world, consider senior care!

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A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What’s Around the Corner?

A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What's Around the Corner?Times seem to be changing more rapidly than ever before, and the senior-care industry is not immune. Technology continues to advance at a blistering rate, and people are living longer lives, which has forced individuals and families to think differently about how they take care of the senior population. Navigating the transforming landscape will be challenging, but we’ve looked ahead to make some predictions about where the elder-care industry will be headed in the next few years.

Let’s have a look!

#1 – A New Ideal

For decades, the automatic response to aging was to investigate nursing-home care. The idea of allowing Mom or Dad to continue living and thriving at home was simply not a viable choice for most families. Today, however, staying at home has become the dominant model for effective senior care. When you look at the amazing benefits that seniors can experience by staying at home, as well as the financial benefits for families, it’s easy to see that the in-home-care model will continue to dominate our industry in the coming decades.

#2 – Technology Rules

Even if seniors don’t embrace the latest technological advances, modern technology will have a major impact on how the elderly live their lives. Technology keeps families and friends connected, plus it can be used to automate various functions of the home, making life much easier for seniors. As time goes by, technology will only become more important, which means that those of us in the senior-care industry will do well to stay on top of the technological wave.

#3 – Living Longer and Living Well

A Look Into the Future of Senior Care – What's Around the Corner?Life expectancies keep rising – seniors are enjoying life after retirement for longer than ever before, and they are taking full advantage of the time that they have available to them. Today’s aging population is youthful and vibrant, and its members are interested in living lives that are filled with fun, adventure and vitality. The desire to live a rich, active and fulfilling life is strong among today’s seniors, and they recognize that they can age more gracefully – and happily – by remaining at home. This means that in-home senior-care providers who furnish opportunities for vibrant, active living will become increasingly attractive to the aging population.

The Future of Senior Care

No one knows for sure what the future will look like, but it’s easy to see where the senior-care industry is going. The nursing-home model is a thing of the past, and seniors are living rich, full, independent lives. This is great news for those of us involved with in-home care!

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Home Care Franchise Sector Enjoys Continued Growth

Good news for current and prospective franchise owners: the franchise industry continues to grow, despite the economic slump of recent years. The International Franchise Association (IFA) recently released a report indicating that the franchise sector has added 184,000 jobs over the last 12 months, according to a recent Forbes article.

The franchise industry supports 18 million jobs, both directly and indirectly, according to the IFA report. While franchises are often associated with fast food restaurants, the franchise model includes dozens of industries. In more recent years, especially, this has begun to include assisted living and home care for seniors. The Baby Boomers are aging, and the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to increase dramatically by the year 2030, to around 72 million in the United States.  According to the Pew Research Center, more than 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day.

With our aging population will come increasing demand for non-medical in-home care for seniors, who overwhelmingly opt to stay in their homes when given the choice.

The IFA report indicates several trends, including increasing numbers of women and minorities in franchising. This is good news, as while women and minorities have traditionally played a major role as caregivers in industries like nursing and elder care, they have not played as integral a role as business owners in these industries. Among the obstacles they have faced is lack of access to start-up capital. Franchising opens new opportunities for these individuals, and many franchisors offer financing for franchise costs.  Always Best Care is one of the top franchises for minorities, as featured in USA Today.

The IFA report sends a clear message: the franchise industry continues to grow and offer excellent opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to start a business.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s largest and most reputable senior in-home care franchises. Learn what it takes to start your own home care franchise for seniors.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Seniors are all too often an untapped resource of invaluable wisdom, knowledge and guidance.  As many people age, they lose touch with family members and friends, which can create feelings of loneliness and isolation.  It’s important for people to feel like they’re making a difference in the world, and seniors are certainly no exception.  Seniors can offer valuable advice and life lessons to people of every age.

While some may have physical limitations, there are still numerous ways seniors can get active in their communities and volunteer.  We’ve highlighted some volunteer opportunities below.


  • Foster “grandparent” — There is no shortage of kids who need guidance and support, and who could benefit from the wisdom and attention seniors can provide.  Foster grandparents help children with activities like reading and writing, they mentor troubled youth, and help children who have suffered abuse or neglect. There is no limit to how a foster grandparent can help a young person in need.
  • Elder companion — Elder companions offer assistance to those who are ill or have limited mobility, or who are simply seeking companionship.  Becoming an elder companion is a rewarding experience for all involved.
  • Nature guide — Seniors who have a love for the great outdoors can make excellent nature guides. Whether taking kids on local hikes, or giving presentations at a nature center, there are many ways seniors can share their knowledge about nature and help promote stewardship.
  • Community service — There are dozens of ways to get involved in the local community, from food drives, to youth outreach and education.  And there is no shortage of local and national organizations where seniors can find volunteer opportunities, including Senior Core, a division of AmeriCorps.

Volunteering in the community can be a truly rewarding experience for seniors, whose wisdom and knowledge change lives.  Regardless of physical capabilities, opportunities to help are all around.  Assisted living and In-home care franchise assistants can help clients find local volunteer opportunities in the community, and in doing so, improve clients’ quality of life.

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Creating a Pleasant Holiday Season for Residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The staff at assisted living facilities can go a long way in helping make the holiday season a fun and pleasurable event for residents. Feeling a sense of home is important to residents whose lives in assisted living facilities are likely very different than when they were at home, and the holidays can help spark feelings of warmth, family and tradition.

Familiar Items Can Bring Comfort and Good Cheer

Despite memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia, patients with these conditions often remember events deep in their pasts with surprising clarity.

Decorating a resident’s room with treasured Christmas ornaments or other holiday memorabilia with the help of the resident’s family members can create a sense of familiarity and bring comfort during the holiday season.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that change can be disconcerting or disorienting for some with dementia, so the resident’s wishes must be respected when it comes to decorating or moving things around the room.

Deck the Halls

Decorating the facility, playing holiday music and holding social gatherings for residents during the holiday season can help create a festive, lively atmosphere.  You may be questioning whether it’s worth the effort, considering many residents may not be aware of the season, but it’s important to note that while the short-term memories of patients with dementia can be fleeting, it’s difficult to know with certainty what they may be picking up on and what events they may remember.

People with dementia can teach us a lesson about living in the present moment. While it may be forgotten tomorrow, if a holiday song or social gathering brings a resident pleasure, the effort put into creating those special moments is fully worthwhile.

Always Best Care is among the leading senior franchises and providers of in-home care and assisted living services in the nation.  Learn more about becoming a franchisee and helping seniors on our website,

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