The Best Personality Traits and Types for Business Owners

From financial freedoms to learning opportunities, running a business is one of the most rewarding decisions a person can make. Having the courage to take a chance and pursue one’s passion epitomizes the American dream. But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows – the very best business owners work incredibly hard to earn their success. Though hard work is a huge factor in entrepreneurship, it’s not everything. A person’s personality and traits can play a part, too.

Let’s dive into some of the most common traits of successful franchise business owners.

Best Personality Types for Franchise Ownership

Though it’s impossible to explain a human’s personality with a “type,” tests like the Myers-Briggs type indicator can give a person general insight into their strengths and weaknesses. The following personality types are among the best for business ownership:


The ISFP personality type flourishes when they can take an established system and use it to turn a profit. People with this personality type are usually great at working with people, too. ISFPs are great candidates for working within a franchise system. Though they’re great at working within successful models, ISFPs can be overwhelmed by details, like keeping up with taxes and invoices. Luckily, many franchise systems like Always Best Care have processes in place to help streamline and simplify the more “detail-oriented” parts of the job.


Take one look at the word ENTJ and you’ll notice you can’t spell entrepreneur without “ENTP.” Perhaps the most stereotypical personality type of entrepreneurs, the ENTJ loves to lead. Both creative and curious, people with this personality type are passionate about finding innovative ways to turn overcome challenges. Because of their zealous attitude, their impulsion can sometimes lead them into trouble when there is no business structure present.


ISFPs may get lost in the details, but ESTJs love them. Organized and structured by nature, ESTJs make decisions using facts, logic, and details. Their strong tendency for structure makes them very organized, while their preference for extraversion makes them great business owners and leaders. Though they find joy in structure and detail, they can sometimes seem aloof or uptight. If this is you, it could pay dividends if you work on your interpersonal communication skills.

Best Personality Traits for Franchise Ownership

It takes the lucky convergence of ambition and opportunity to create success. Successful entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, often share critical traits that set them apart from others. Leveraging those traits and skills allows them to excel, especially when facing challenges.


Speaking of hurdles to overcome, most entrepreneurs face roadblocks they’ve never encountered before. Being resourceful is a mindset that helps business owners reach their goals, even if there’s not a clear-cut way to do so. Having a can-do attitude is essential for business success, even if the entrepreneur is working within a proven franchise system, like Always Best Care’s recession-resistant model.


From anticipating customer needs to empowering staff, empathy is a powerful trait to have. In today’s market, the most successful business owners can put themselves in other people’s shoes. Top producing Always Best Care franchisees excel at being empathetic because it allows them to gain perspectives from their customers and employees. These differing perspectives can help even the best entrepreneurs solve problems and navigate difficult business decisions.

Process Oriented

Entrepreneurs with a process-oriented mindset can work smarter instead of harder. Implementing processes within the business prevents waste and fosters growth. Having this trait is especially helpful for business owners in franchise systems, such as Always Best Care’s award-winning model. The key to franchising success is the consistency of product and service that customers find between franchise locations and being process-oriented helps maintain that consistency.

Is an In-Home Senior Care Franchise Right for You?

Regardless of the traits or personality type you may have, owning a franchise with Always Best Care is not just rewarding financially – it’s fulfilling, too. But owning a senior care business is not for everyone. Your ability to interact well with your franchisor, other franchisees, your employees, and your customers cannot be over-emphasized.  But if you’re a hard-working individual with a passion for helping others, owning an in-home care franchise might be the opportunity of a lifetime.

To find out if a career with Always Best Care is right for you, get started by downloading your free E-Book today.


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