The Rewarding Benefits of Small Town Senior Care Franchise Ownership

Opening a senior care franchise is no small undertaking, even with the unmatched franchisee training and support from Always Best Care. For entrepreneurs interested in the home care industry, it might seem like a no-brainer to open a senior care franchise in a large market. However, an increasing number of franchisees are ditching the big city in lieu of small towns.

Given the current health climate, opening an Always Best Care franchise in a smaller town presents exciting benefits that are often overlooked. At Always Best Care, we encourage our senior care business owners to get involved in their local communities. For some franchisees, doing business in a smaller, tight-knit community could be the perfect scenario.

Before you stake your senior care claim in a large city, consider towns that fall more in line with Mayberry than Manhattan. Here are just a few of the benefits of starting an Always Best Care franchise in a small town.

Help Solve Important Community Problems

Much like booming metropolises, small towns also have their fair share of community issues. Often, these problems include a lack of senior care options, limited access to health care, and more. When new Always Best Care franchise owners have their eyes on small or rural towns, it presents a rare opportunity to create change for seniors in need. It is not uncommon for small-town franchisees to fill gaps in home care services for elderly people planning to use in-home care.

At Always Best Care, we fully support our franchisees’ efforts to provide compassionate, affordable home care in their communities. In fact, one of the core components of our award-winning franchise system is for our franchise owners to make a difference in their communities. Doing so is incredibly rewarding from both a personal and professional standpoint. Always Best Care also aims to:

  • Provide a powerful combination of local and corporate support for franchisees.
  • Foster proactive strategic growth through mentoring and training.
  • Honor the hard work performed by our caregivers.
  • Set franchise owners up for success through a business model proven to stand strong through tough economic times.

Getting involved in your community and solving local issues will show residents that you’re invested in their small town. As a stakeholder in the community’s problems, you become a trusted ally to those in need.

High Demand for In-Home Senior Care

According to Rural Home, 13% of America’s population is 65 or older. Of these seniors, one-quarter live in small towns. With 16% of small-town residents being over 65, it makes sense that most seniors prefer to age at home, where it’s comfortable and familiar. These are promising statistics for prospective senior care business owners who would like to open their Always Best Care franchise in a small town.

Less Stress in the Workplace

Living in a big city has its advantages and disadvantages. For some, life in a large metropolis is too hectic and congested for their quality of life. A study conducted on stress found that people living in large cities showed higher brain activity in the amygdala – the region of the brain related to fear. Conversely, participants in small towns and rural areas had less activity in that region of the brain. That doesn’t mean that city dwellers constantly live-in fear, only that they experience more stress than someone living a small-town life.

For many entrepreneurs, the thought of reduced traffic, fresh air, and friendly people is reason enough to ditch the big city. When you add in reduced levels of stress, it makes sense why more home care franchise owners prefer to do business in a small town.

Small Town Franchise Opportunities with Always Best Care

Many seniors living in small towns are looking for more personalized, safer care alternatives like non-medical home care; especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many small-town seniors do not have the services they need to age comfortably at home. This presents a unique opportunity for business-savvy entrepreneurs to truly make a difference in these seniors’ lives.

If you are a motivated, hard-working individual who wants to begin a fulfilling career in the senior care industry, download our FREE E-Book today. When you do, you are taking the first step towards enriching your life and the lives of the elderly through in-home care with Always Best Care.


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