Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Seniors are all too often an untapped resource of invaluable wisdom, knowledge and guidance.  As many people age, they lose touch with family members and friends, which can create feelings of loneliness and isolation.  It’s important for people to feel like they’re making a difference in the world, and seniors are certainly no exception.  Seniors can offer valuable advice and life lessons to people of every age.

While some may have physical limitations, there are still numerous ways seniors can get active in their communities and volunteer.  We’ve highlighted some volunteer opportunities below.


  • Foster “grandparent” — There is no shortage of kids who need guidance and support, and who could benefit from the wisdom and attention seniors can provide.  Foster grandparents help children with activities like reading and writing, they mentor troubled youth, and help children who have suffered abuse or neglect. There is no limit to how a foster grandparent can help a young person in need.
  • Elder companion — Elder companions offer assistance to those who are ill or have limited mobility, or who are simply seeking companionship.  Becoming an elder companion is a rewarding experience for all involved.
  • Nature guide — Seniors who have a love for the great outdoors can make excellent nature guides. Whether taking kids on local hikes, or giving presentations at a nature center, there are many ways seniors can share their knowledge about nature and help promote stewardship.
  • Community service — There are dozens of ways to get involved in the local community, from food drives, to youth outreach and education.  And there is no shortage of local and national organizations where seniors can find volunteer opportunities, including Senior Core, a division of AmeriCorps.

Volunteering in the community can be a truly rewarding experience for seniors, whose wisdom and knowledge change lives.  Regardless of physical capabilities, opportunities to help are all around.  Assisted living and In-home care franchise assistants can help clients find local volunteer opportunities in the community, and in doing so, improve clients’ quality of life.

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