Chris Ziegler

Area Representative

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Chris Ziegler
Area Representitive: Virginia & Maryland

In his role as Area Representative, Mr. Ziegler is responsible for locating great people who are passionate about helping people through business ownership. He then utilizes his extensive experience starting and operating businesses to helps them to be successful in their new role as Always Best Care franchisees. To date Ziegler has established nine (9) businesses in Virginia and two (2) in Maryland

Prior to taking on this role he served as Co-Founder and President of Compass Energy Services, Inc. Chris’s primary responsibility in that role was serving as the catalyst for the organization providing the leadership and direction necessary to make the most of the talented individuals that made up the Compass team. Compass Energy Services was sold to AGL Resources in 2007.

Chris co-founded two other companies while serving Compass one of which has become a respected leader in the energy efficiency contracting field.

Prior to forming Compass Energy, Chris served as General Manager of Evantage, Dominion Energy’s Energy Services division and of Dominion Energy Direct Sales, Inc. its commercial and industrial commodity sales subsidiary.

Under his leadership Evantage established a track record of profitable growth in the demand-side energy services market while many similar companies were shrinking or folding altogether. Dominion Energy Direct Sales established as dominant position in natural gas sales in Virginia and became a large retailer of electricity in Pennsylvania and in Massachusetts. Ziegler also purchased the downtown district heating and cooling facilities in Cleveland, Ohio establishing Dominion Cleveland Thermal Inc.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Finance from Miami University and a Master of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

In his off hours Ziegler serves on numerous charitable boards. He also teaches skiing to physically and mentally challenged individuals each winter.