The Personal & Professional Rewards of an Elder Care Franchise

At Always Best Care, we provide a franchise offering that can be as rewarding personally as it is professionally. Owning an elder care franchise is a unique business opportunity, one through which you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors, their families, and your community. At the same time, senior care represents an extraordinary business opportunity, with lucrative short-term and long-term potential.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that is rewarding both personally and professionally, an elder care franchise could be exactly what you’re looking for. What’s more, you could be the perfect fit for an Always Best Care franchise, one of the top franchise opportunities in the elder care sector.

Personal Benefits of an Elder Care Franchise

Owning an elder care franchise can be rewarding on a personal level in a way that simply isn’t possible within other industries. As an elder care franchisee, you’ll be making a significant difference in people’s lives. What’s more, you’ll be making a difference where it matters most: helping seniors find quality of life in situations where that might not otherwise be possible.

According to the AARP, roughly 9 in 10 American seniors wish to spend the rest of their lives at home. Yet as seniors grow older, many suffer from serious physical and/or cognitive decline, threatening their independence. Elder care professionals provide these individuals with the support they need to age in place.

This not only improves the quality of day-to-day life for these seniors but can also be a literal lifeline. Several studies have demonstrated that seniors who age in place with help from elder care professionals tend to live healthier, happier, and longer lives than those in senior living facilities — even in cases where when seniors have chronic health conditions or serious disabilities.

The positive impact of owning an elder care franchise extends beyond seniors. Without assistance from elder care professionals, many families become overwhelmed caring for elderly loved ones. As an elder care franchisee, you can provide family members with the support they need to maintain their own physical and mental well-being. Over time, as elder care agencies impact the lives of more and more families, these businesses — and their owners — become true pillars of the community.

Professional Benefits of an Elder Care Franchise

While owning an elder care franchise has a wide range of personal benefits, the profit potential of an elder care business can be just as rewarding. Elder care is a fast-growing market with extraordinary long-term potential.

This potential can be easily seen in the country’s changing demographics. Thanks to the baby boomer generation, the population of seniors in the U.S. is expected to double over the next two to three decades. Over the same period, we will see an even bigger increase the number of seniors over the age of 85, as well as in those who require specialty care, like Alzheimer’s care services.

Elder care also represents a recession-resistant business opportunity. Unlike other products and services, in-home care is an essential service for many individuals and families. This makes an elder care franchise a low-risk opportunity compared to franchise opportunities in more volatile sectors.

Choosing the right franchisor will help you optimize the financial potential of your business. By investing in an Always Best Care elder care franchise, you’ll become a part of one of the fast-growing franchise networks in the elder care industry. Moreover, you’ll be choosing the only elder care franchise opportunity with three service offerings. These three service categories — non-medical care, home health care, and assisted living placement — give you three potential streams of revenue and allow you to provide your clients with a continuum of care.

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5 Essential Social-Media Tips for Franchisees

5 Essential Social-Media Tips for FranchiseesBecoming a franchisee is exhilarating – you’ve finally taken the plunge and gone into business for yourself, but you also have the guidance of a proven business model and the support of people who have been successful within the franchise framework. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fight to stay competitive, though, especially when it comes to using the power of the Internet and social media.

Are you wondering how you can use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to give your business an advantage in an increasingly competitive climate?

Read on and learn how you can give your franchise a serious boost without becoming overwhelmed or breaking the bank!

#1 – Remember the 80/20 rule!

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the “80/20” rule, which is also known as the Pareto Principle. You might even refer to it as a guiding principle in your business already. The principle basically states that 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers. However, it means something slightly different when it comes to social media.

When you create content for your social media feeds, you can use the 80/20 rule to determine how you should serve your followers and ensure that they become – and remain – engaged with your business. Instead of promoting your business via social media, make sure 80% of your posts are meant to engage and inform your audience. Provide useful information here and you’ll make a much greater impact with the 20% of your posts that will be devoted primarily to business promotion.

Doing this establishes you not only as a legitimate business, but an authority within your industry.

#2 – Define and Establish Your “Voice”

5 Essential Social-Media Tips for FranchiseesWhen you scroll through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn feeds, you probably notice that different tweets and posts seem to be written in different “voices.” One company might present itself as a straight-laced voice of reason and authority, while another posts with a more light-hearted and humorous tone. There’s no right or wrong way to convey your social media voice – there’s only the right voice for your business and the messages you want to spread.

Define your voice by considering your business values, your target market and the industry in which you operate. You want to be appropriate for your field, but you also want to make sure you stand out in a positive way. You may not find your voice immediately, but if you work on it, you’ll be sure to separate your franchise from the pack.

#3 – Determine the Social Media Platforms That Will Work Best for You

It takes time and effort to engage on social media, and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin by trying to join every single social media platform. Instead, focus on just one to three platforms so you can maximize your efforts and build a solid presence.

Once you’ve established your business on a handful of social-media platforms, you can begin to think about expanding your reach. This is much easier when you don’t try to do it all at once!

#4 – Maintain Consistency

We’ve all seen how haphazard some businesses can be when it comes to their presence on social media. Their Twitter profile is slick and professional looking, but their Facebook page appears as if it’s maintained by first grader! Obviously, this doesn’t help the public perception of a business, so make sure that your company is presented in a unified, consistent manner across all social-media platforms.

This means that you should only set up profiles on social media sites when you are ready to put forth the full effort to make them look great and represent your business well. Define your message and your goals before you set up a profile, and make sure that all of your profiles work together to tell the same story!

#5 – Use the Resources You Have Available

Keeping up with social media is challenging – your work is never finished! That’s why it can be helpful to keep a member of your staff available to work on your profiles when you’re unable to do so yourself. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of online tools like Buffer, HootSuite, TweetDeck and others to ensure that social media isn’t taking up more of your time than it absolutely has to.

If you’re unable to pay someone to help you, set aside some time each week to visit your various profiles and perform basic maintenance. Use tools like HootSuite and Buffer to ensure that your feeds are always full.

5 Essential Social-Media Tips for FranchiseesRemember, also, that the most popular social-media platforms make analytics data available directly to profile owners. Use this data to determine which posts perform well, and which ones you can stop promoting. You can also use the numbers to see when people are most likely to read, click and engage with your posts!

Social Media – Much More Than Just a Fad

Social media has been around long enough to prove that it’s not just a fad. Social media marketing is going to be essential to your franchise success, and your mastery of it will give you an edge over the competition.

Just remember these simple tips, and you’ll be able to help your business significantly by staying on top of your social-media game!

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Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.