Five Franchise Myths Debunked



If you find yourself thinking about new professional opportunities, you will probably perform some research on franchising.  Becoming a franchise owner is attractive because it gives you the best of two professional worlds: the ability to operate your own business independently, but with the support of a successful organization behind you. If you are intrigued by franchising, you may run into some conflicting reports about what it is like to operate your own franchise.  However, it can be difficult decoding myth from reality when it comes to franchise facts.

To help you make the best possible decision for your future, here is a list of some of the more common myths about running your own franchise. These myths only serve to muddy the waters in regards to franchising, and they discourage potential franchise owners from pursuing fulfilling opportunities.



Franchise Myth #1 – “Most Franchises Fail Within the First Year of Operation”

The first year of operating any business is difficult, and franchises are no exception. However, the fact is that most businesses do, in fact, survive their first year of operation, and less than 40% of businesses fail within the first two years of existence. As long as you go into franchising with a solid plan, sufficient capital and strong financing, you’ll have a solid base with which to begin.


Franchise Myth #2 – “There’s No Real Freedom in Franchising”

This myth has persisted for quite a while, even though it is just not true. One of the main reasons people go into business for themselves is to gain more professional freedom. They want to escape the corporate structure, and they think that the presence of corporate backing in a franchise situation is just another way to become a “cog in the machine.” The truth is that you are the real boss in your franchise, regardless of the franchisor you’ve partnered with. You are responsible for decisions impacting advertising, marketing, hiring and managing. Of course, with a franchise, you always have help available, but when it’s your franchise unit, the buck stops with you.


Franchise Myth #3 – “There’s No Creativity in Franchising”

Similar to Myth #2, this one assumes that some franchisor representative or policy will stifle any creative decisions made by franchisees. Thankfully, this one is also untrue! Certainly, the franchisor will monitor and guide certain aspects of your business, but those guidelines only exist because they have been proven to boost performance, whether they pertain to uniforms, signs or other facets of the operation. Moreover, many of the best policies that franchisors have implemented have come from the creative suggestions of franchise owners.


Franchise Myth #4 – “The Right Franchise Opportunity Doesn’t Exist”

So many people wait for the perfect opportunity, then never actually take any chances. A casual glance at franchise opportunities may reveal that the bulk of professional options exist within just a few industries, but those who scratch a little more deeply under the surface find that franchising opportunities are available for just about every interest, budget and skill level.


Franchise Myth #5 – “I Just Can’t Afford a Franchise”

It takes money to buy into a franchise, but it takes an investment of some kind to get into any kind of business, regardless of your level of involvement. Before you dismiss franchise ownership because you’ve heard some figures related to popular mega brands, investigate some of the lesser known industries and you’ll find that some franchises are much more affordable to start than others. The senior home care industry, for example, is rewarding, and the cost of entry is much less than you might expect.


Is Franchising the Right Opportunity for You?

Franchising is not ideal for everyone who wants to go into business, but it shouldn’t be discounted because of some persistent myths. For many people, franchise ownership provides the perfect balance between complete autonomy and corporate backing. The lesson here is that there are common myths about franchising that might be keeping you and others from experiencing the perfect professional balance. Don’t let them hold you back any longer!


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Always Best Care® Territories Create Greater Opportunities for Franchisees

Most senior care franchises claim to “protect” a territory by making the senior citizens who live within the territory exclusive to a particular franchisee. The problem, according to Michael Newman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of California-based Always Best Care® Senior Services, is that franchisees are dependent on the many different health care industry professionals who actually refer seniors who need care – and neither the referral source nor the franchisees have any control over where those seniors may live.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care, assisted living finder/referral services and skilled home health care. The company delivers its services through an international network of more than 200 independently owned and operated franchise territories and area representatives throughout the United States.

According to Mr. Newman, the senior care industry is a referral-based industry – and what drives growth are relationships with the many referral sources within each franchisee’s protected territory. The senior citizens receiving care, however, may live anywhere, not exclusively within the territory.

As a result, Always Best Care franchises may serve customers both inside and outside their defined territories, as they are not limited to serving clients only within a specific area.
Always Best Care protects the actual referral sources in our franchisees’ territories. These sources are the true originators of revenue for our franchise owners. They introduce seniors and their families to the franchise owners. “Our territory policy is designed to protect the franchisees’ marketing efforts and all channels of referrals and revenue inside their defined territories,” explained Mr. Newman.

“This also avoids the problems faced in other franchise systems where multiple franchisees all sell to the same referral sources in multiple territories. When a referral source provides a new referral,” he said, “if that potential client happens to live in another franchisee’s territory, all of the hard work to build the relationship with the professional referral source just went to someone else. That is most definitely not the case with Always Best Care!”

Always Best Care franchise territories are determined by contiguous zip codes. Each territory is protected and exclusive, encompassing a minimum population base of 200,000 people. The company also balances each territory to include a roughly comparable number of referral sources based on the inherent differences in individual areas.

For territory checks or information on Always Best Care franchise opportunities, download your FREE copy of our franchising eBook call toll-free 1-855-430-CARE (2273), or send an email to [email protected]. Also visit for complete information.


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Always Best Care Senior Services Launches Manager-Driven Franchise Model for the Senior Home Care Industry

Always Best Care Senior Services revolutionized the senior care industry when it introduced its exclusive outsourced staffing program, provided free to franchisees for their first six months to allow them to concentrate on immediate revenue-generating activities.

Now Always Best Care has done it again!

“Introducing the semi-absentee executive business model for the senior care industry,” proclaimed Michael Newman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Always Best Care.

The semi-absentee executive model (also known as an investor or manager-driven model) is designed for persons who want to invest and prosper in the growing and recession-resistant senior care industry, but who are not looking for a new full-time operating position.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care, assisted living placement services, and skilled home health care.  The company delivers its services through an international network of more than 180 independently owned and operated franchise territories.

Traditionally, virtually all franchises in the senior care industry have been awarded to persons who have a passion for serving the senior community, who want to make a difference in people’s lives while they build a business, often who have had a personal experience caring for a senior relative, and who want to be “hands-on” in operating their businesses, according to Mr. Newman.

“With the dramatic growth of the senior care industry,” he said, “we’ve been seeing more and more business-savvy individuals who see the opportunities inherent in an industry that’s projected to continue on a growth curve for the next 30 years.  They’re not seeking a job or a position running a small office, however – they’re looking for an investment opportunity where they can open multiple offices and utilize their leadership and management skills in building a larger-scale business than has traditionally been the case in senior care.”

To qualify for the semi-absentee model, prospective franchisees must have a minimum liquidity of $150,000 and a minimum net worth of $500,000.  They’re required to purchase two or more territories, follow a prescribed hiring plan, and maintain a minimum required local marketing program.

According to Mr. Newman, the ideal candidate for the Always Best Care semi-absentee model is someone with prior business management experience who understands the model represents a long-term investment with a goal to grow the business and maximize equity value, versus developing immediate short term income.  “Additionally, he added, “the ideal candidate must be willing to relinquish controls to a manager as he or she builds a long-term business opportunity.”

A strong training program is essential to help these candidates develop the right attitudes, the right practices and the right culture for their businesses, Mr. Newman explained.  “Accordingly, we’ll provide an extensive training program for both the owner and managers of the new offices,” he said, “including several weeks of what we call ‘pre-training,’ then seven days of classroom training, nearly two weeks of in-the-field training and of course on-going support from our nationwide team of area representatives and the field support office.”

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Comprehensive Franchisee Training Helps Franchisees Launch Senior Care Businesses

Always Best Care®, one of the nation’s fastest growing senior care systems, offers franchisees a six-week multi-tiered standard of training and support through its ABC University®, one of the most comprehensive and extensive programs in the senior care industry.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care, assisted living finder/referral services and skilled home health care. The company delivers its services through an international network of more than 200 independently owned and operated franchise territories and area representatives throughout the United States.

The Always Best Care training program focuses on the operational activities of setting up, managing, and marketing a business that provides warm, compassionate and professional care for seniors and others.  The Always Best Care training system combines both corporate and local support for franchisees – a distinct benefit that provides a local coach, mentor and business advisor in close proximity to the franchisees’ territories.   Training is divided into modules that combine field and classroom settings.  One-on-one coaching and web-based seminars are provided.

Always Best Care corporate team members and Area Representatives work with new franchisees during an extensive training program that can be completed in as little as six weeks. This includes both initial and ongoing training and support as well as classroom training at Always Best Care’s international headquarters in Roseville, CA (just outside Sacramento) and field training in a franchisee’s local marketing area.

“I am exceptionally proud of the Always Best Care training and support system,” said Michael Newman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Always Best Care. “Without question, we strive to create a gold standard that provides a distinct advantage to our franchisees.”

The Always Best Care training focuses on three distinct phases:  Pre-classroom training; classroom training and field training – all designed to ensure the most efficient startup process for new franchisees …

  • Pre-Classroom Training:  New owners focus on a series of operations-based training modules. This phase of the program includes a kick-off webinar, office set up, introduction to the Learning Management System (virtual learning tool), and senior community and account management preparation. New owners will also complete all critical administration tasks, including insurance requirements, non-medical licensing applications, ordering print and marketing material, and conducting a competitive analysis of their market.
  • Classroom Training:  During the second phase, owners participate in seven days of intensive classroom training at Always Best Care’s headquarters.  This includes a review and discussion of key topics including operations, marketing, caregiver on-boarding and staffing, client management, and instruction on how to develop key strategic alliances in the marketplace.Classroom training also encompasses guest speakers on a wide range of topics such as insurance, payroll, and veteran’s affairs, as well as tours of Sacramento area skilled nursing facilities and senior communities.  Additionally, trainees network with fellow franchisees during class and have an opportunity to spend time with founder and Chief Executive Newman, Chief Operating Officer Jake Brown, Vice President of Franchise Operations David Caesar and Vice President of Marketing Barry Parrish.
  • Field Training:  After completing classroom training, franchisees participate in nine days of in-the-field training, three of which are spent with their local coach at their location. This part of the training program concentrates on developing relations with assisted living communities, interviewing and hiring caregivers, referral marketing, networking in the marketplace, public relations, and staffing.

Field training also provides new owners with an opportunity to work with their Area Representative in the market during a three-day session. The training session includes referral marketing and client visits, a review of community tours, the status of the new owner’s caregiver team, a discussion about the franchisee’s strengths and challenges, a detailed plan that incorporates the ten areas of focus, and a written field training summary, with emphasis placed on skill sets, roles, expectations, and goals.

“The goal of our training program is to prepare franchisees for the launch of their new businesses,” explained Mr. Newman, “and to provide them with the tools they need to build those businesses while making true differences in people’s lives.”

For information on Always Best Care franchise opportunities, download a copy of our FREE comprehensive franchising eBook call toll-free 1-855-430-CARE1-855-430-CARE (2273), send an email to [email protected], or visit


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Small Home Care Market, Big Home Care Franchise Opportunity

Always Best Care franchise owners have found success across the United States, and most recently in Canada. While some franchisees choose to start their business in large markets, others opt to make an impact in smaller communities. In fact, some franchise owners prefer smaller markets over larger ones. So why do franchise owners in smaller markets enjoy as much success as those in larger, more populated cities?

Connection to Community – Always Best Care is a business that is very much community based, and as such our franchise owners can make an impact and enjoy success in smaller markets. This is especially true for those who grew up in a small community as they will already be well-connected, making it easy for their business to become a trusted resource in their community.

Low Cost Marketing – One of the most critical aspects of running a successful business is getting new customers. Because you live in a small community, you already have an established reputation and network within your community. Similarly, Always Best Care already has a recognized brand name in the senior care industry.  When you combine the two you have a recipe for success starting from day 1 of opening your franchise.

Low Cost Recruiting – In order to successfully run an Always Best Care Franchise, you need to recruit the best senior caregivers for your clients. These employees won’t show up at your door – you will have to do some leg work to find the best caregivers for your business. Traditionally this is accomplished through recruiting efforts, such as placing ads online or in the paper.  In smaller markets this task can be easier and more cost effective, as you may already know the best candidates for these extremely important positions, saving your time and money.

To begin the process of making an impact in your community, take a moment to read our FREE franchising eBook today to learn more about opportunities available with Always Best Care Senior Services.


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The Senior Market is Hot. Always Best Care is Hotter!

One of the many factors that make a franchise organization successful is how effective that organization’s support and marketing initiatives are. At Always Best Care, our franchise owners have access to award-winning, turn-key marketing solutions that help their business blossom into a successful staple in their local community.

From 2010 to 2013 our passionate franchise owners’ collective revenue jumped from $9.557 million to over $66 million (Source: 2009-2014 Franchise Disclosure Documents) – a statistic that we’re proud attribute to hard work and customized care for senior citizens around the nation.

The senior population continues to grow each year. In fact, by 2050 nearly 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 (Source: Pew Research Center), giving hardworking men and women an opportunity for success in a recession-proof market.

Whether you have a background in nursing care, real estate, pharmaceuticals or any other line of work, you too can succeed in the home care industry, with the help of Always Best Care’s award-winning support and marketing programs.

We encourage you to download our FREE franchising eBook to learn more about franchising with Always Best Care, and how you can have an impact on your community while enjoying the success of your hard work.


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

Smartphones Can Help Seniors Stay Connected

For many of us our smartphones are an essential part of our lives, helping us navigate the roads, avoid traffic jams, check our email, snap photos on the fly, update social media accounts, and more.  In fact, anyone who has ever panicked upon realizing they left their phone at home knows that perhaps we have become a bit too reliant on our beloved phones.

For the most part, though, smartphone ownership is limited to younger demographics.  Seniors (age 65+) could benefit greatly from smartphones to stay connected to loved ones in other ways than phone calls alone (i.e. through social media), but they trail the younger generations in terms of smartphone adoption, according to a Pew survey conducted in 2011.

The survey found that 68 percent of respondents aged 66-74 (classified on the survey as “Older Boomers”) reported having a cell phone, while just 48 percent of respondents aged 75+ (classified as the “G.I. Generation”) reported having one.  Older Boomers used their cell phones for taking pictures, sending or receiving text messages, accessing the Internet and sending or receiving emails at higher rates than did the G.I Generation.

While the survey didn’t indicate the reasons for lower smartphone use among seniors, it’s probably safe to assume that since seniors didn’t grow up with this technology it may feel a bit overwhelming and confusing at first.  But there are plenty of ways seniors can benefit from smartphone technology.  Our phones function well beyond phone calls, enhancing communication between family members and friends through mediums like social media and connecting us to the world at large.

In-home and assisted living caregivers can help seniors learn how to navigate and use the various functions of their smartphones, including the camera and email features, which could potentially help seniors feel more engaged and connected.

Always Best Care is among the most reputable non-medical home care companies in the nation.  To learn more about starting a Senior Care Franchise contact an Area Representative near you.

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